A new ball printing system from TheMagicTouch (TMT) has been awarded the the Best Image Transfer Product accolade at Trophex 2017, the UK awards and recognition industry exhibition.

The new TMT process uses the latest toner-based transfer technology to personalise football, rugby and other types of sport balls with full-colour logos and images.

“Using the ProSeries Oki 7411WT white-toner printer and CPM transfer paper, full-colour images and logos can be applied to almost any type of ball using a modified ball-shaped platen manufactured by the UK press manufacturer A Adkins. The process is quick, easy and very durable with the cost per printed panel at less than 10p per image,” says Jim Nicol, managing director, of TMT.

The company had spent the previous six months conducting successful trials with leading European sports ball manufacturers to ensure the various PU surfaces used on modern sports balls is compatible with the low-heat application of the new TMT system and prints remain durable after use.

Jim Nicol reports that: “We recently produced some personalised balls for a local football club decorated with 18 team member photos, which was very well received and offers a great business opportunity for those in the awards and recognition market to develop over the coming months and years.”

He adds that decoration is not limited to printing on the white panels on a sports ball: using the white-toner option, decorators can also embellish the colour panels.