TheMagicTouch (TMT) has launched a new range of printable 100% polyester felt air fresheners.

Provided in double-sided pre-cut sheets, the air fresheners are available in three shapes: round (six per sheet), square (six per sheet) and rectangular (eight per sheet). Template artwork is also available to download from the TMT website to help make the print process easier on both sides if required.

Each individual sheet also includes the relevant number of hanging ribbons and clear bags for presentation or counter point of sales.

Perfect for cars, homes, souvenirs, charities, sports clubs and more, the air fresheners can also be used as a luggage/bag tag or as a Christmas decoration.

“The air fresheners can be printed using either sublimation or toner-based transfer paper, such as TTC transfer paper, using standard CMYK printers,” explained TheMagicTouch.

“Using our transfer process, a personalised sample can be produced for customer evaluation and target marketing instantly.

“Once printed, the customer can also add their own choice of essential oil or fragrance to suit their preference. The oils are widely available on almost every high street or online, and can be re-used time and time again due to the high absorption properties of the polyester felt.”

The TMT Air Fresheners can be printed using sublimation or toner-based transfer paper