The latest addition to its DyeSubMagic sublimation brand, TheMagicTouch (TMT) has introduced a new range of printable aluminium sheets.

The new UHD metal range has a ‘ultra high-definition’ coated surface, which offers UV resistance with anti-graffiti properties, “delivering innovation for full-colour indoor and outdoor signage as never seen before,” explained TMT.

“The UHD aluminium sheets are strong, durable, flexible and lightweight.

“The market for full-colour signage, interior decoration and personalised photo gifts is growing — print easily in full-colour with sublimation ink transfers, using a suitable professional transfer heat press to apply.”

The aluminium panels are 1mm thick, available in various sizes up to 2.4m with HD image quality together with outdoor, scratch and chemical resistance — its double coating process also enables the panels to be trimmed and shaped easily, avoiding any flaking or sharp edges. They are also heat and humidity-resistant to EN-13501, weathering to ISO 4892-3, solvent and salt acids resistant, and are designed to be formed and bent with no surface cracking.

The UHD sheets are compatible with most sublimation ink brands, including Sawgrass, Epson, Jtec, Kiian, Sensient and STS.