TheMagicTouch (TMT) and Regatta Professional have teamed up to conduct a comprehensive R&D programme aimed at establishing and perfecting the best decoration options for Regatta’s growing range of high quality jackets and garments.

TMT’s technical team produced an extensive range of transfers produced using the 123Flex, MagiCut Flock, Reflective, Printable Soldark and full colour WoW transfer products. These were applied to a range of Regatta garments in various fabrics (and colours), including softshell, polyamide, down insulated, water-repellent polyesters and Isotex waterproof performance materials.

Jim Nicol, TMT’s MD, comments: “Traditionally outdoor products have been perfect for the embroidery process and will continue to be so; however, with the growing demand for full-colour logos, personalisation, lower order size and quicker turnaround TheMagicTouch transfer process offers a flexible and quality option for all garment decorators.” Jim also pointed out that printing outerwear with TMT’s transfer products avoids any risk of compromising a garment’s 100% waterproof properties, which is always a risk when fabric is penetrated by embroidery needles.

One the key considerations during the research was to identify processes that would avoid any marking or scorching of the Regatta fabrics during application of the transfers using the traditional heat press method. “This issue is very relevant today with higher value garments and expected high print quality to be attained. With many of the new polyester and performance fabrics being very sensitive to heat and pressure this issue has been solved with application temperatures being as low as 110-120c,” Jim explained.

He continues: “Whilst never being considered as the total solution for garment decoration TheMagicTouch offers some great alternative options at very affordable prices in both printers and cutters together with transfer papers and flex products.”

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