The new range of Puff transfers allows decorators to offer special effects to their customers
The new range of Puff transfers allows decorators to offer special effects to their customers
A long-awaited DTF transfer paper, a new white toner printer and plenty of innovative HTVs to keep your customers happy
If there was ever a time to offer more products and services to existing and new customers, it is now. Adding value and creating new revenue from existing customers is the most cost-effective method for growth, reports TheMagicTouch, and when combined with pro-active targeted marketing using personalised product samples, the process becomes easier and more rewarding.

Whilst it is always good to have lots of new products, sometimes you need to stop and review how you currently market and introduce them to customers both now and in the future. TheMagicTouch continues to offer affordable image transfer solutions that assist in creating those very marketing opportunities that pay long-term dividends.

TheMagicTouch offers four defined, affordable transfer solutions, each with innovations for 2024:

TheMagicTouch: Toner-based transfers Introducing the new desktop TMT/Oki CMYK A3 printer with its unique SpaceControl colour-management software, complete with three-year onsite warranty. In addition, there are new and improved lower-cost versions of WTT (white toner transfer) paper to accommodate the growing demand for a credible entry-level transfer printing method for dark garments and fabrics. This toner-based technology is perfect for those yet to have sufficient daily volumes to justify the DTF investment, but who need a quality and consistent transfer production option.

DyeSubMagic: Sublimation Also new from TheMagicTouch is one-step printable sublimation media for full-colour transfers to cotton, polyester, mixed fibres and nylon, regardless of the garment colour. The print-and-cut process enables users to be creative for personalisation, advises the company.

MagiCut: HTV range TheMagicTouch also welcomes a new range of Reflective, Puff and Rainbow Spectrum Flex to its existing comprehensive range of cuttable vinyls, flocks, and flex products. The durable 3D Puff transfer expands and puffs when heated, creating a raised, textured effect on the surface of the garment or textile. The Reflective transfer allows designs to be visible in low-light conditions and is perfect for enhancing visibility and safety. The Rainbow Spectrum is a shimmering flex with a prism effect, with colours changing depending on the viewing angle.

These new products join an already comprehensive range of 123Flex, Flock, Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Soft Metallic and Holographic options.

In addition, an improved All-in-One printable PU vinyl for solvent, eco-solvent and latex printers using the print-and-cut technology is available in 500mm, 750mm and 1,020mm rolls.

TheMagicTouch’s new DTF transfer paper provides a plastic-free, coated recycled paper base
TheMagicTouch’s new DTF transfer paper provides a plastic-free, coated recycled paper base
New from TheMagicTouch, the desktop TMT/Oki CMYK A3 printer
New from TheMagicTouch, the desktop TMT/Oki CMYK A3 printer
DTFMagic: Direct-to-film TheMagicTouch is introducing Dupont DTF inks to its portfolio, alongside the existing Kodak inks range, plus a “new, innovative and long-awaited” DTF transfer paper option. This new combination gives DTF users the choice to experience the eco benefits of a plastic-free, coated recycled paper base together with glycol-free water-based inks.

The DTF transfer paper is available in 60cm x 50m rolls and its advantages include a lower cost per transfer, environmentally-friendly recycled paper base, high ink absorption, high transfer rate, vivid colours, softer feel, outstanding durability and no static issues or oil residues.

Managing director Jim Nicol says: “Whilst the world is engaging with the DTF transfer technology, there exists growing opportunities with other unique transfers using effects and characteristics that are not possible to replicate using DTF or indeed any other digital process.”

TheMagicTouch’s wide range of products offers the user the ability to decorate onto almost any garment or product, regardless of colour or composition. This applies for workwear, sportswear, promotional and fashion markets, together with the vast range of non-textile promotional and B2B products. TheMagicTouch is a “real source of sales and marketing ammunition”.

Jim adds: “We have proven sales and marketing ideas perfected over many years that work and are affordable and effective in generating sales and enhancing the customer experience.”

The company has expanded its training and customer support capabilities by creating a dedicated showroom for all aspects of digital transfer technology. TheMagicTouch continues to offer Zoom/Teams/Google online live demonstrations, technical support seminars, CRM guidance and marketing tutorials.