Printed with Rutland’s EKO acrylic plastisol ink

The Rutland Group now offers a complete range of PVC-free ink options that meet the latest RSLs and performance specifications.

The inks include HS-A, a series of high solids, water-based inks. There are two ranges available: Series 1000 is an economic, self-crosslinking opaque ink range with great hand and printability, while Series 2000 requires the use of a crosslinker to give superb hand and performance characteristics while still exhibiting excellent opacity and multicolour printing, says the company.

EKO is an acrylic plastisol ink that The Rutland Group says offers all the benefits of plastisol printability and opacity with a soft hand and performance. Also available is Silextreme, a range of silicone-based ink with superb elasticity, hand and bleed resistance.