DecoNetwork explains how to leverage the power of Rating Captain and customer reviews to increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction

New Zealand-based T-shirt printing company Digitees has experienced remarkable growth by leveraging online customer reviews, reports DecoNetwork. 

“Its online store, built on DecoNetwork, used Rating Captain to collect and showcase reviews, boosting sales and satisfaction.” 

Offering personalised clothing and merchandise, Digitees’ online store allows customers to browse, customise designs, and easily place orders. However, the company was facing the challenge of establishing trust with Google, so it partnered with Rating Captain to implement review widgets on its online store. 

“These widgets displayed customer reviews on the website’s homepage and product pages to build trust,” DecoNetwork explains. “All reviews were displayed on Digitees’ Google profile and website to emphasising credibility.”

Results were impressive, with over 200 positive reviews collected in just two months – a 76% increase – and product reviews had an average rating of 4.88, indicating customer satisfaction.

This collaboration with Rating Captain resulted in outstanding growth and an SEO boost, adds DecoNetwork. “Displaying reviews convinced customers to place orders, while product review widgets improved SEO and attracted organic traffic.

DecoNetwork adds that Digitees’ experience highlights the importance of reviews for building trust and achieving success. “By following in their footsteps, you can unlock the potential to strengthen your online presence and attract customers to your offerings,” states the company.

Read the full-length case study – Digitees Reveals The Amazing Power Of Customer Reviews For Print Shops – to find out more about how the company harnessed the capabilities of Rating Captain on DecoNetwork to collect and showcase customer reviews. 

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