Roland DG’s new Texart CS-64 calender press is billed as the perfect finishing partner for the company’s Texart RT-640 sublimation printer: print product manager, Mark Elvidge provides the details

The new Texart CS-64 calendar press

There was certainly plenty to see across Roland DG’s stands at the Sign & Digital UK show in March. For textile printers, however, one of the standout attractions had to be the brand new Texart CS-64 calender press, which was being previewed ahead of its official launch later this year.

According to Roland, the new machine represents the perfect finishing partner for the recently launched Texart RT-640 dye sublimation printer. Featuring a long life infrared bulb heating system, 250 mm diameter heating cylinder and maximum working width of 1680 mm, the belt-driven press will transfer sublimation print produced by the Texart RT-640 at high speed on to polyester-based materials used for flags, banners, soft signage displays, fabric for fashion and sports apparel. It operates at speeds up to 17 m/h (0.29 m/per minute) with a 90 second exposure time, and 65 m/h (1.08 m/per minute) with a 40 second exposure time.

The complementary Texart RT-640 offers a choice of dual CMYK or 8-colour configuration. It has a production quality print speed of 22.0 m./h and a maximum speed of 32.6 m./h, and its newly designed Feed Adjuster at the front and rear provides even tensioning and prevents media skewing. In the 4-colour configuration the machine uses Roland’s proprietary Ink Switching System to automatically switch to the other ink pouch for unattended continuous printing. For even greater efficiency, you can replace an empty pouch without stopping the printer.

Roland DG’s Texart RT-640 sublimation printer

An affordable entry-point

So why introduce the CS-64 now and what does the impending launch say about the UK textile sublimation printing market in 2015, generally? Mark Elvidge, Roland DG’s print product manager, comments: “At Roland DG we always work towards offering customers a full solution – from hardware through to software, and our latest offering for the soft signage market is in line with this philosophy. This textile sublimation printing industry has been growing exponentially in recent years so the time is now right for us to launch a highly cost effective solution into this exciting market. With the combined pricing of a Texart RT-640 printer and a Texart CS-64 calender press coming in at under £26,000, we believe this package will break down the barriers to entry into the soft signage market.

“The combined price of under £26,000 is a huge point of difference in the market and will encourage many to consider investing in this sector to help drive their business forward. In addition to this there are several design features which set the CS-64 aside from others on the market; it has a low environmental impact and low power usage (5.5 kw), it is simple to set up, easy to use and is a single-person operation – loading and unloading can be achieved in under five minutes! To help maximise your productivity, one CS-64 can manage the output of three RT-640 printers, and it has three take-ups for protection paper, printed fabric and used transfer paper. Finally the product output is safe to touch without the risk of burning skin; the belt system uses Nomex material which is extremely heat retardant, and unlike oil-based systems it doesn’t require a back-up power supply to safely shut down the press in event of power loss – all of which helps protect your employees, your investment, and your wider business.

“Pound for pound there is no better investment for a wide format sublimation print and press package!”

Mark reports that Roland DG received a very positive response to the preview of the Textart CS-64 at Sign & Digital 2015 and confirms that the machine will also be on display at Fespa 2015 in Cologne from 18-22 May.

If you are interested in finding out more about the CS-64, including pricing and availability, please contact Roland DG directly.