New from M&R for 2019 is the Genesis, an aptly named model for those looking to begin screen printing. Available in the UK from Screen Print World, the manual four-colour, one-station press promises “the proven quality and precision of an M&R product“.

According to the company, Genesis allows decorators to produce “high- quality prints at an entry-level expense”. It adds: “With a small footprint and the option of a table-top mounting or floor stand, the Genesis is sure to fit your shop and your budget.” The Genesis features many of the same components that are found on M&R‘s other manual presses, such as eccentric registration bearings with steel registration fork, standard M&R rubber-covered aluminium shirt pallet, individual off-contact settings and industrial-grade head-lift cylinders for smooth operation. “With a recommended screen size of 51 x 61cm and standard pallet size being 38 x 41cm, the M&R Genesis is the perfect entry into the screen printing industry,“ says the company.

The new M&R Genesis four-colour, one-station manual press

Electric print heads

Also new this year is the introduction of electric print heads on presses in the M&R Diamondback series. The Diamondback E will be available in 8/6, 10/8 and 12/10 models; the C and XL models will be deleted from the line as these are the least popular models, according to the company. “Switching to electric print heads improves the overall print stroke control, leading to better and more consistent ink deposit and overall print quality,” explains Screen Print World. “Potentiometer speed control allow operators to set print and flood speeds to exact numbers rather than the randomness of the old pneumatic flow controls, while the side frame holders have been upgraded from the formed steel design of the past to the standard aluminium extrusion used on our higher end presses.” The Human Machine Interface has been upgraded to a Proface 5000 series 7.5” display, with newly designed operator interface screens and built-in anytime tutorials, which the company explains effectively puts operation manuals at the operator’s fingertips. A new, thin-profile, swivelling control box beam with multi-angle control box adjustment makes for easy ergonomic positioning for operators.

The drying option

Complementing both presses, the M&R Fusion Electric Conveyor Dryer is an economical textile dryer that offers belt widths of 91cm, 122cm and 152cm, and heat chamber lengths of 183cm and 305cm. “Fusion’s thermal insulation helps prevent heat from migrating into the workplace, which means more heat stays in the dryer chamber, reducing energy costs,” explains Screen Print World. “Fast cure rates and high product through put maximise dryer capacity and minimise per unit cost. Aggressively priced and impressively designed, the M&R Fusion is a perfect choice for operations ranging from small manual shops to mid-size automated shops.”