Workwear manufacturer Alexandra has launched the Eco range.

Featuring new garment technologies and fibres, the new collection was designed with healthcare professionals in mind and so is tailored towards the healthcare, beauty, dentistry and veterinary markets.

The garments are made from a Tencel/polyester mix to ensure they are lightweight and breathable, and the fabric is Oeko-Tex certified. 

“Tencel contains fibres that are durable and strong, and its environmentally responsible processes make it carbon neutral,” explained the company. “Tencel fibres are naturally soft to the touch and gentle on your skin, so our new Eco range will provide long-lasting comfort.”

As Tencel is moisture-wicking, there is less moisture on the surface of the fibre and so, when compared to non-Tencel fibres, provides a less favourable environment for bacterial growth, Alexandra reported.

Promising high-colourfastness and suitability for industrial laundering, the collection include a scrub top, scub bottoms, a beauty tunic, a healthcare tunic, and trousers, and come in a range of colours. 

“As one of the key players in the uniforms industry, sustainable clothing and making it accessible to everyone, is a key focus for Alexandra,” commented Phil Harland, Alexandra’s director of client management. 

“With the launch of our new Eco range, we have started a range of industry-leading garments which we will expand across the range into more of the sectors that we cater for, so keep a look out for the next phase of the collection.”