New this year from Sol’s is the Jade Women’s Lightweight Tank Top (02944). This flowing top is an ideal choice for the festival circuit – it drapes well and can be sublimated, opening it up to creative, all-over designs that will rock music fans this summer.

Sophie Lorenzini, the collection manager at Sol’s, reveals that retail summer styles inspired the design of this new design. “We see this type of tank top everywhere during the summer season: at the beach, at festivals… It is light and often comes with nice modern prints,” she explains. “And we see them a lot in retail, but not yet a lot in the promotional textile business.”

The flowing Jade tank top from Sol’s

It is, she says, a “must-have” in the summer months for young women. “It has a very flowy material and a loose fit, which really make this garment ideal for women for summertime. Even during hotter days, women will feel comfortable wearing it.” 

It was launched in January and the modern fit in particular has received a lot of positive feedback, reports Sophie. This no-label style has a racerback and a rounded hem, and is made from polyester with a cotton touch.

Sophie mentions that as well as sublimation the top can be decorated using flex, transfer and screen print “and you also get more fluidity with polyester”. It is currently available in four colours.

“We launched the black and white because they are the basic colours. But then we also decided to launch a creamy white colour because nowadays, off-white colours are very trendy. And finally, since it is ideal for summertime, we had to launch a flashy, feminine colour: neon coral. If the product is successful, of course we will think about adding more colours to the range.”

It is suitable for a wide range of markets from festivals (naturally), to music merch and retail, such as souvenir boutiques at the sea, suggests Sophie. Part of the brand’s existing beachwear range, it sits alongside complementary styles such as the Jamaica Unisex Tank Top (01223), the contrast Bubble Five Panel Mesh Cap (01668), the Sandy Men’s Swim Shorts (01689), the Janeiro Women’s Beach Shorts (01697), the Cocktail Women’s Beach Dress (01701) and the Maeva Women’s Crop Top (01703).