Dan Powell, head of customer experience at Awesome Merchandise in Leeds, plays drums in The Human Project. The band, which sits in the melodic punk rock category, also includes Jonny Smith, Joe Dimuantes and Luke Yates, who have been playing together since 2011.

The band’s best ever gig was probably a recent performance in Belgium with Less Than Jake, says Dan, although the best-ever after gig is slightly less punk and more Christmas-with-your-gran, as he explains: “Last winter, having just played a gig in south Wales while on tour, we ended up at an after-show party in a lifeboat house down on the beach. It was three in the morning and all the other bands were ‘partying’ together (you can fill in the blanks). We, however, had found a whiteboard and some markers and were sat in a corner, quietly deliberating whether Luke’s Pictionary word choice was too hard or not. It was a crazy night in the lives of The Human Project. I still don’t know what word he chose.”


The Human Project: (l-r) Jonny, Luke, Dan and Joe

Band File

Band name: The Human Project

Band members: Dan Powell, drums and vocals; Jonny Smith, guitar and vocals; Joe Dimuantes, bass and vocals; and Luke Yates, guitar and vocals

Date formed: 2011

Genre: Melodic Punk Rock

Biggest musical influence: Propagandhi, NOFX, A Wilhelm Scream, Thrice

Crowd pleasing tune: At What Point – “It’s a fun, melodic, little ditty.”

Best-ever gig: There are lots to choose from but we recently played in Belgium with Less Than Jake and that was a great gig.

Best band T-shirt you’ve ever owned: Consumed. “One of my favourite UK punk bands and they gave me it at a show we played with them.”

We play music that we love to listen to: it’s fast, loud and frantic!

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