Direct-to-garment printing is as popular as ever, as print-on-demand and web-to-print orders for bold, full-colour prints continue to grow. We review the latest standout printer and ancillary equipment options
Kornit Digital: Max Technology

“Max Technology defines the future of on-demand, sustainable textile production by offering a rare sustainable symbiosis: a new dimension of unlimited creative freedom and less waste,” says Kornit Digital.

“It surpasses industry norms for retail quality on multiple fabric types and breaks new grounds of versatility with previously unattainable print applications, significantly expanding the reach of digital, on-demand textile production into the centre of mainstream fashion and apparel – and soon to come also in sport apparel and home décor.”

A key feature of Max Technology is XDi, which delivers 3D capabilities for new, high-density graphic decoration that can simulate embroidery, vinyl and heat transfer in a single, waste-free digital process.

Max Technology’s XDi feature can simulate embroidery, vinyl and heat transfer

“The new XDi allows fulfillers and brands to expand their offerings to include new-to-market, innovative decorations, without the inefficiencies and cost of operating analogue technologies,” adds Kornit.

The on-demand capabilities of Max technology further offers a sustainable approach to textile production: Kornit’s single-step waterless procedures are designed to save energy, as well as eliminate overproduction, excess inventory and waste.

Approved by both Oeko-Tex and the Global Organic Textile Standard, Max Technology is also CO2-neutral.

Vastex International: LittleRed X3D-78 Infrared Conveyor Dryer

The LittleRed X3D-78 infrared conveyor dryer has a 198cm wide conveyor belt, and is designed to cure 185 garments DTG-printed with digital white ink, 1,080 garments screen printed with plastisol ink, and 555 garments screen printed with water-based ink or discharge per hour.

“It features a high-powered pre-heating zone that boosts ink temperatures past 150°C within the first few centimetres of conveyor travel, curing moisture-laden DTG ink as well as all types of screen printing ink,” explains Vastex.

The LittleRed X3D-78 infrared dryer has a 198cm wide conveyor belt

“It can accommodate three rows of normal-sized garments or two rows of oversized garments, yielding higher capacity than any conventional dryer in the equivalent amount of floor space.”

The LittleRed X3D-78 is 260cm long, 226cm wide and 137cm high, and features a 15.6 CMM targeted exhaust system as standard to rapidly remove moisture and air contaminates from the heating chamber, while keeping exterior surfaces and controls cool.

It also offers precision-thermal-profiling to match curing conditions to the drying characteristics of each ink type, particularly “difficult to cure” inkjet-printed white ink, adds Vastex.

The dryer’s three heaters yield a combined 26,700 watts at 240V, and are digitally-controlled and height-adjustable to maximise curing efficiency for bulky or over-sized garments. All Vastex heaters come with a 15-year warranty.

Adelco: OvalJet

The OvalJet offers the latest technology in high-production direct-to-garment printing, says UK distributor Adelco.

“OvalJet is a fully automated, high-speed system that presses garments, digitally prints foundation (pretreatment), and dries ink between white and colour layers.

“It competes with conventional screen print, even on multi-colour print runs over 500 pieces, and is equally efficient on individual print SKUs.”

The OvalJet is designed to print around 180-220 pieces per hour

The OvalJet is designed to print around 180-220 pieces per hour (dark or light shirts), and also enables neck label printing in the same pass.

Geared towards ecommerce and API handling, the OvalJet is available with full automated software to handle automated file loading, back-end stock control and production analysis.

Amaya Sales UK: Polyprint TexJet, Roland XT640S and Kornit Avalanche HD6

Amaya Sales UK supplies a selection of direct-to-garment printers for your business from start-up to full, industrial scale production.

This includes the Polyprint TexJet range, which is ideal for entry-level and small to medium-sized production levels.

For mid-level production, the company also supplies the Roland XT640S multi-platen printer, while for mid- to high-level industrial production it offers Kornit Digital’s range of DTG printers.

Amaya’s selection of DTG printers includes the Polyprint TexJet range, the Roland XT640S and more

Both of the company’s offices in Nottinghamshire and Hampshire have large showrooms, which give you the opportunity to view and try out their capabilities for yourself, adds Amaya.

“The Nottingham set-up has its own showroom for the Kornit Avalanche HD6, together with the Kornit X workflow system, so you can see the process right from customer order to dispatch.

“The Kornit range of DTG printers are the only ones available with integrated pretreatment, which streamlines the printing process with only one operator.”

MHM Direct GB: Brother GTX Pro Bulk

Print-on-demand has never been busier and the Brother GTX Pro series has seen a lot of action over the past year, particularly with the addition of the GTX Pro Bulk, says UK distributor MHM Direct GB.

“With its bulk ink supply, white ink circulation and agitation, its rapid print speed and low print costs, it’s no wonder more and more are being installed across the UK.”

The GTX Pro Bulk includes Brother’s Innobella inks, which are both Oeko-Tex and Global Organic Textile Standard-approved, and are designed to print on cotton, as well as polyester and direct-to-fabric transfers.

“With a long list of time-saving features and its great print quality,” adds MHM, “there’s no stopping the GTX Pro Bulk’s versatility in a print shop.”

The GTX Pro Bulk includes Brother’s Oeko-Tex and Gots-approved Innobella inks

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