The Cotton Textile Company (TCTC) has announced its continued support of the charity Snap in 2020. 

This is the second consecutive year that TCTC has supported Snap, which provides a tailored support service to the families and carers of children with mental and physical challenges. 

As part of the company’s fundraising for the charity, director Richard King will take part in the Brighton Marathon in April, and will then climb Mount Kilimanjaro in October.

Richard said: “Having seen the help Snap can offer to families through their counselling services, we decided this was an area we would like to support. 

“There is a cost, which is borne by the charity of £65 per session, and we would like to fund as many as possible. It also makes it simple for sponsorship as you know that your £65 directly helps a family.”

To donate, please visit:, or if you are interested in sponsoring Richard’s shirt, please contact him at