With The Big Shows now finished for 2023, the final autumn winners have been announced.

Show organiser Gerry Thomas presented the Best Wearables Stand Award to Ashford Blake and Donna Powell from Beechfield Brands, and the Most Innovative Wearables Product Autumn Award to Ian Hewlett and Ian Wilson from United Brands of Scandinavia for their Cottover sustainable collection. The awards were sponsored by Crystal Galleries.

“What an amazing day at The Big Shows at Emirates Old Trafford, Lancashire Cricket Club,” said the organisers.

“A great turnout, lots of networking, many fantastic products! A fine end to a great innings for The Big Shows 2023.

“A big thank you to all who have exhibited at and attended our exhibitions this year! The inaugural year for The Big Wearables Trade Show has gone very well.”

The dates for next year’s The Big Shows are 6 March at the Crowne Plaza Glasgow, 20 March at the Crowne Plaza Northwood in Dublin, 18 April at London Heathrow Marriott, 24 April in Manchester United FC Old Trafford, 25 September at LCC Emirates Old Trafford and 16 October at Delta Marriott Hotel in Slough.