Kevin Douch of record label Big Scary Monsters has this advice for those wanting to break into the band merch scene

The merch tent at ArcTanGent last year

“Get out there and make yourself known. Google ranking isn’t everything, go and introduce yourself to people and tell them why you’re good. Having an interest in the events you’re supplying makes the experience a whole lot better for everyone.

“Good quality is the first thing. Pricing is also important, of course, as a lot of bands rely on the money they make from selling merch to fill the holes in their touring budgets. Simple black and white shirts are always popular, but it does tend to vary. Some bands’ fans like bright shirts with huge, colourful prints, others will just want a very simple breast pocket logo.

“I think merch is very important. It increases the band’s presence on site, but also the chances are they’re playing to a lot of new people at the event who might end up spotting their merch and picking something up, hopefully then turning them into a new fan.”