Simon Standen of Kent screen printers OctoMuffin is a guitarist in The Adventures of Lightspeed. The pop punk band, which released its latest EP ‘Always The Runner Up’ in August, got together in 2014 and cites Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday as some of its biggest musical influences.

The band’s merch T-shirt was printed as a one-colour halftone using a 120 mesh screen, Permaset’s Water Based Process Black Ink and Gildan Soft Style T-shirts.

From left to right: Chris Horne, Simon Standen, Stu Miller, and Leo Ozorio

Band File

Band name: The Adventures Of Lightspeed

Band members: Simon Standen, guitarist; Chris Horne, vocals and guitarist; Stu Miller, bass; Leo Ozorio, drums

Date formed: 2014

Genre: Pop punk

Biggest musical influence: Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday and Brand New

Crowd pleasing tune: Call It Off. It builds all the way through the song to a bouncy, shouty ending. We finish the set with it and it always gets people singing along.

Best-ever gig: We’ve been lucky enough to play with some cool touring acts and play a few festivals, but recently we got to headline a pop punk festival in London – that was pretty cool.

Sum up your band in one sentence: All the gear, none of the idea!

Best band T-shirt you’ve ever owned: Simon – Green Day, Nimrod Album Cover. This was my first ever gig in January 1998. I had that T-shirt for years.

Best band moment: We travelled out to Poland for Leo’s wedding and at about midnight a drunk Leo decided that we were going to get up and cover Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.  It’s one of those songs you learn when you first start playing, same as ‘Smoke On The Water’, but remembering something that you learnt 20-odd years ago was a bit of a stretch so we were running down the road looking for a hotel that had free Wi-Fi so we could at least listen to the song before playing it live. Five minutes later we were on a stage in front of 300 people, badly covering Nirvana.

All the gear, none of the idea!

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