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To mark our 30th anniversary, we asked Images readers what the magazine means to them…

Volume 1 / issue 1 of Images magazine rolled off the presses in February 1992. For three decades, then, we’ve been reporting on and promoting the business of garment and textile decoration, while celebrating the many amazing, creative and entrepreneurial people who make this such a vibrant and dynamic industry. 

On an anniversary such as this, we could be expected to talk about how marvellous we are and to list our successes and achievements and promote what a great job we do! However, it’s really our valued readers who should be the judge of that and making that particular call. So instead, we asked you for your thoughts and to tell us what Images means to you. 

To say that the team was overwhelmed by the response would be an understatement – we were blown away by your feedback. So, to celebrate our 30th anniversary year we’ll be sharing a selection of your comments in each issue of the magazine throughout 2022, and also sharing them here.

We’re profoundly grateful for the many kind and supportive words we have received. Thank you!

Images magazine front cover volume 1 number 1 February 1992

February 1992…

Images magazine front cover - Volume 31 - February 2022

… February 2022

Images is a great read for seeing the latest news of what is going on in the industry. I find it interesting to see what equipment, techniques and quirky ideas other small businesses are using whilst seeing their business remain successful after the last 18 months [pandemic].

– Hannah Hiseman, My Safety Gear

September 2017 Brother GTX front cover Images magazine

Images is a great industry essential. The handy embroidery tips and articles are always worth reading, and it’s also interesting to see new products and ways of doing things.

– Sophie Tyler, Tyler’s Workwear

September 2017 Brother GTX front cover Images magazine

I always look forward to my issue of Images arriving as it keeps me up-to-date with industry news, provides great tips on methods of printing, running the business side of things and much more. Features such as Decorated Product of the Month are also great, as they showcase businesses’ work and it helps them gain recognition. It’s always a privilege to be featured as it helps sell your services to new and existing clients.

– Shaun Barritt, Barritt Garment Printing

September 2017 Brother GTX front cover Images magazine

Images is a favourite go-to resource of mine for keeping up to date within the industry; whether it is technology, products or people. The articles are always on topic, informative and a valuable read each month with a coffee in hand!

– Alex Cunliffe, Inkthreadable

Images cover September 2018

We love receiving Images each month and particularly like educational articles, such as the business clinic and industry news. We always keep our magazines to go back to, and often find ourselves reading them at break or lunch time. There’s lots of variety, and we always take inspiration and ideas from the magazine to help us evolve and move our business forward.

– Dawn Hatfield, Retro Alley

Images magazine cover April/May 2003

I’m pleased I subscribed to Images as it has helped me no end, as well as kept me up-to-date. I’ve had the privilege of appearing in the magazine myself, which was an achievement and showed me that they really keep their eyes on what’s going on in the industry. The articles are very informative for beginners and advanced businesses alike. I would, and do, recommend the magazine to anyone and everyone that will benefit.

– Lee Simmons, Elephant Boy Garment Printing

Images magazine cover June 2012

As a new company to the industry, Images has provided us with information and inspiration in abundance. To be asked to feature in response to one of our promoted embroidered garments gave us a massive boost, letting us know we are on the right track and doing a good job!”

– Steve Skinner, Arlo Original

Images magazine cover April/May 2003

Images is such a fantastic industry magazine. It’s brilliantly written and superbly laid out, it’s fully engaging and hugely successful in bringing the clothing decorator’s industry to life! All the writers are experts in their field, making them knowledgeable and approachable and I love how they reach out and are genuinely interested in what we have to say. I look forward to it arriving and having a good look at what everyone else is up to, as well as looking for us being mentioned! We really appreciate its existence as it just helps to cement us as a serious player in what we do.

– Jemma Brown, OHM Clothing

Images magazine cover October/November 1997

I love receiving my copy of Images. Getting an insight into others’ lives in the industry, the tips and tricks, favourite garments to work with, all make this a magazine that really cares and shares. I also enjoy reading about the brands behind the garments, what’s new, what they are planning next and understanding the items in more detail.

– Becky Somers, Designs by Somer

Images magazine cover April/May 2003

I find Images a go-to source for all the latest news – from brands to suppliers, latest trends, and sector-related topics within the industry. I also like how it features and highlights other garment decorator businesses on what they have been up to, and Print Shop Pooches, which is always a fun article to read.

– Mark Freeman, Personalised Warehouse

Images magazine cover May 2010 UKL

Images is the preeminent magazine for the garment decoration industry! I look forward to reading the magazine every month, the articles are always of the highest quality and every month I learn something new. It’s the best resource for learning about what’s going on in the industry outside of your own company.

– Louis Georgiou, Essential Embroidery Design (EED)

Images magazine Front cover December 1997 January 1998

What’s fascinating about Images is the scope, range and diversity of content. There is always something to spike our interest, and its articles are about real people sharing genuine enthusiasm and knowledge. The Spotlight section showcases a huge range of innovation and creativity within the industry and is our go-to section. Images feels like the meeting place for every garment decorator where you can keep up to date with what is happening in our industry, learn from others, and share your own experience and knowledge to help others.

– Mark Robson, Wizzprint

Images magazine Front cover April 1993

From the clear layouts to the informative articles and in-depth discussions about new and upcoming businesses, processes and equipment, Images is an invaluable tool for getting our monthly fix of information about the printing world. Often, browsing the recently arrived edition (or flicking through old ones) will spark inspiration, sending me down a whole new avenue of exploration. I can get all the information needed to help make our decisions and act on the inspiration. Great job guys, we love the magazine and the incredible work that’s put behind it.

– Shabbir Maimoon, Snuggle

Images magazine Front cover August September 2000

We first came across Images when we started out on our journey into textile printing. It has always been a fantastic resource and inspiration, providing valuable insight into current issues effecting the industry, now and in the future. The articles have triggered ideas and important purchases within the business. The new technology section is particularly helpful in shaping our medium and long term purchasing decisions. The layout is both clear and easy to navigate. Images is a must read for the anyone in the garment and textile decorating industry.

– Roger Kentish, Force Wear

Images magazine Front cover June July 2002

Images magazine is without doubt the number one publication for our industry. It’s always a good read for myself and all our staff. Everyone will always have some article to talk about, the machinery articles give you all the up-to-date spec and detail. A special mention to Tony Palmer’s section – we find it very useful, and it really gives out good solid info on techniques. Appreciated!

– Andrew Smith, Calder Screenprint

Images magazine Front cover October November 1996