Design students are being challenged to create printed apparel and other products inspired by architecture in the latest part of a programme run by print equipment supplier CMYUK.

It has announced the third brief for its Creatives in Residence Live (CIRL) which is guiding four graduates in-house at CMYUK through mentoring and professional development.

At the same time, the brief is open to design students around the world to create their own ideas for products including apparel, décor, wallpaper, wood, metal and vinyl.

After previous briefs sets challenges on “Abstract Florals” and “Geometrics” with textures, the third is themed around architecture from the past, present and future.

The technology to be used for this brief will be from Epson, Mimaki, Canon, Klieverik, EFI, Kongsberg and AE Sewing.

The third challenge is now open for submissions, with a closing date of January 24 2022. Click here for details on how design students can enter.

The CMYUK graduates will be supported by industry mentors including world-class fabric printer Standfast & Barracks, decorative printing software specialist AVA CAD/CAM Group, CAD for fashion training facility Erica Horne, pattern cutting and samples studio The Pattern Room, decorative interiors designer Freya Richmond, and design duo Brennan & Burch who have turned from fashion to interiors.

The CIRL syllabus is led by textile designer and digital print specialist Debbie McKeegan, a CMYUK partner and CEO of Texintel, the online resource for the digital textile print community.

She said: “In a busy life we often miss the beautiful details that surround us. Brief #3 is written to encourage creatives to take a pause – look up and absorb the architectural details hidden in our chaos. Step back, slow down and be inspired.

“Push boundaries with this brief, discover the infinite scale and surface applications that digital technologies offer. Have fun, travel through time and explore the architectural details of the past, present or future.”

CMYUK supplies digital printers, cutting equipment and materials, ranging from Epson, Mimaki and Canon to Graphtec, Kongsberg, Gerber and Trotec.

Robin East, group sales and marketing director at CMYUK, said: “The CMYUK graduates are well into their stride. They are now familiar with the digital processes and the best materials to use for certain applications.

“They have had a great deal of input from previous mentors and have really matured in the way they are working – taking into account the environmental impact of a project matched with production time scales and deadlines.

“The feedback from this set of mentors for the new brief can only propel them forwards. Like everyone at CMYUK that have embraced the whole CIRL programme, I’m looking forward to seeing their projects and understanding the rationale behind their designs.”