Not Just T-Shirts: DecoNetwork

Andy Bailey, partner

Tell us a bit about your business

We were 10 years old at the start of April this year. We started just printing and then soon saw we needed to do embroidery too. We always seem to be busy and have lots of smaller clients, so many that we needed something to organise us and our many orders.

What software do you use?

We tried a couple of different platforms: we had our ecommerce site, a CRM and an online designer and then also an orderbook for face-to-face customers. I spoke to Rena at DecoNetwork and saw the potential to put everything on one platform. We have used DecoNetwork ever since and we find it much easier to keep organised and on top of our orders. All orders now go onto DecoNetwork including online, face-to-face and telephone orders. We also use DecoNetwork as the main website for our business,

What’s it like to use?

We use most of the features available and new features are added with updates being released regularly by the development team. We complete hundreds of jobs per month and we can keep track of them easily and see deadlines coming up. It saves us so much time, not to mention the amount of mistakes that are eliminated by using the proofing part of the software.

What do you think are its main advantages?

DecoNetwork is always evolving. One recent update was adding an inventory; we have now added the thousands of garments we have in stock around the building. Once an order is placed we get a notification telling us we have a garment in stock and even which area it is stored. It really adds to our efficiency. One of the main advantages is that DecoNetwork has products from our suppliers pre-loaded and ready to go. I simply had to add a few mark-ups and decoration prices and 2,000 garments were ready to go live on my website. I have always really loved the back-end/admin side of the system, but with the release of DecoNetwork 8 the front-end websites are really impressive and it’s as good as any of the major platforms I have used, as well as being mobile-friendly.

Is there anything you’d like to see in an upgrade or don’t particularly like about it?

I’d personally like more of a CRM tool to be developed so I can set reminders to call customers etc, and maybe a blog module added.

What would your advice be for other people looking to buy new software?

Book a demo. Even if you have looked at DecoNetwork before, have a look again – it has changed massively over the last few years and is still improving. DecoNetwork gets a huge thumbs up from us here at Not Just T-Shirts.