Calder Screen Print: Roq You Automatic Press from I-Sub

Andy Smith, owner

Tell us a bit about your business

Calder Screen Print is a family run business which has been trading since 1994 and now has 10 full-time members of staff. We provide high-quality screen print onto all types of garments and promotional items. Around 80% of our work is contract printing for customers within the retail, sports and music industries, and we have recently bought and just completed the renovation of our new 16,000sqft factory in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, which is allowing us to expand our production over the next few years.

What’s the latest screen print press you’ve bought and when did you buy it?

We have just taken delivery of our third Roq You automatic press. This now gives us a 12-colour, a 10-colour and a four-colour machine. The last two Roq presses were bought to replace two older Tas machines.

What other presses did you look at before buying this one?

As this was our third Roq automatic press, I didn’t look at any other option. They work well for us.

The Roq You press is fast, accurate, quiet and smooth, says Andy

Why did you choose to buy Roq presses?

We bought our first Roq, around four years ago, though Liam Stubbings (at Pyramid). I have known Liam for a while now and, on his advice, decided to take the plunge on this make of auto. It’s been a good decision for our company.

Is there anything you’d like to see in an upgrade or that you don’t particularly like about it?

Not that I can think of. The Roq You is fast, accurate and runs very smooth and quiet. But most importantly, none of the autos have ever broken down, in any way. They’re very reliable.

What’s the Roq like to use? Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of it?

They’re slightly different to run than the Tas machines, as they had solid aluminium platens. The Roq platens heat up quickly, but also drop quickly, so you learn to print accordingly.

What sort of work is it used for?

We print any quantity jobs from 25 to the 10,000s, and this variation is something that is enjoyable, but also healthy in our line of work. We provide print for a varied list of clients who mostly provide their own garments for printing which, again, works well for us.

What other machines do you have?

We have M&R manual presses, and also an Epson DTG machine.

What would be your advice to other printers thinking of buying a new automatic screen printing press?

Look at all of the machines before deciding. Go and see one working – anyone is welcome to call over to us anytime – and take the plunge. Alex at I-Sub and Vitor at Roq have been good to us, and our business is committed to Roq, but MHM and M&R are also excellent machines.