This month, we talk to Alan Porter, operations director at Screenworks, to find out how the company’s Dekken T Apparel Folding Machine from MHM Direct GB is working out for them 

Tell us a bit about your business

Screenworks is one of the longest established garment embroidery, screen, digital and direct-to-garment print service providers. Originally founded in 1976, we’ve been delivering promotional products since 1991. This year we launched our Inspired division, which is focused on customised textiles and promotional clothing, in response to client demand for more individualisation.

What is the latest folding machine you’ve bought?

We bought a Dekken T Apparel.

Which other machines, if any, did you look at before purchasing the Dekken T Apparel?

We also looked at a Texfinity Folder.

Why did you opt for the Dekken T Apparel?

The machines were very similar in application, but we found the Dekken better suited for use with garments while the Texfinity was good for towels and laundry items. We were also keen to use a seller [MHM Direct GB] that we had previously worked with.

Is there anything you’d like to see in an upgrade or don’t particularly like about it?

I’d like the loading process to be able to omit the initial fold of the sleeve. It would make the loading quicker and easier if you could just lay a garment straight on with no other touches required. This would be especially helpful on the eye setting – in this mode there’s an infrared sensor that, when covered by a garment, makes the machine start automatically. This would mean that the operator wouldn’t have to start the machine each time, which would make the process quicker and more time efficient.

What’s it like to use? Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of it?

The machine is extremely easy to use once it’s set up and you have everything lined up ready to load. Make sure your packing department is well organised in its supply to the machine, in order to maximise the speed of the loading process in a constant flow.

What type of work is it used for?

We use it for T-shirts, polos, hoodies, shirts, vests, towels – all the work that we need to put through bagging or pre-rolling.

What would be your advice to others thinking of buying a folding machine?

Ensure that the machine you purchase is fit for purpose. For example, make sure that the changing of settings is an easy function and user-friendly. Also, make sure you can easily adjust the settings to accommodate all your product ranges, and that the machine can take the full range that you want to fold.