Idea7 Embroidery: Barudan BEKT CBIII single-heads

Rafal Glowa, owner

Tell us a bit about your business

Idea7 Embroidery is a Scottish company located in Dundee, with over 17 years of experience. We embroider on all types of clothing and workwear for small and medium-size companies. What makes us stand out is the individual approach to each project. We take care of every detail at every stage of the production of embroidery, which allows us to guarantee high quality of service and product ordered.

Due to high demand for professional digitising, we have expanded our services and are now also providing in-house a wide variety of digitising services for the whole of Europe. As we are Wilcom-certified we can digitise anything, from simple logos to very complicated designs and pictures.

What is the latest embroidery machine you’ve bought?

We recently (December 2019) upgraded our machines from a three-head Melco MT16 to two single-head Barudan BEKT CBIII machines. We found we needed machines that would be able to deliver even the most complicated designs without a hitch. The Barudan machine is very precise and can work like a horse, and that is exactly what we were looking for. With our digitising services growing fast we needed machines that would deliver designs with very fine details, like complicated embroidery on hats or embroidery on fine fabrics.

Why did you choose the Barudans?

In our opinion, Barudan’s main advantage is that all of its machines use the same great technology that’s been tested and has always worked perfectly. Barudan doesn’t fit its machines with unnecessary electronic gadgets/features – we believe its main focus is on improving what is already a perfectly working machine and delivering even better technology. Ever since we’ve had the machines, we haven’t had to worry about the embroidery process. Once set up, they work like a horse and all you ever need to do is change the bobbin. We can leave the machines running and don’t have to constantly monitor them to correct errors, or worry about thread breaks as there are none.

What work are they used for?

Our main focus is on small to medium-size businesses and customising the embroidery service to our clients’ needs. Our second largest focus is digitising and proof-sampling of our digitising services. Our clients require digitising of intricate designs for high-end furniture boutiques and hotels in central and eastern Europe. We use Barudan for proof-sampling of all of the digitised designs as well as for our embroidery services.

What’s your advice to others thinking of investing in an embroidery machine?

We would certainly say firstly to decide on what your machines would be used for and take it from there. Have a clear idea of what you want the machines to do, ie what profile of work you will be focusing on, so that you can determine the level of usage. Some machines are great for bulk production, some are great for intricate designs, and others are great for both (like Barudan).

At the end of the day, you need to know what you want to achieve. Shop around and compare dierent machines. Have a list of questions. Ask every supplier you visit the same questions. Better yet, have your own tested design and ask for it to be embroidered by all the suppliers you consider. Then sit down and compare all the pros and cons of the machines and decided on the best one that works within your budget.