Ouroboros Screen Prints: Ricoh Ri1000 from Resolute DTG

Jack Player, owner

Tell us a bit about your business

We print custom T-shirts and merchandise for clothing brands, bands, businesses and events through print-on-demand stores, campaign stores, and bulk printing packages.

What is the latest DTG system you’ve bought?

We recently purchased the ‘green button’ system from Resolute that included a Ricoh Ri1000 printer, a Viper Maxx pre-treater and two heat presses. Since installing those we have also added a second Ri1000 and a six-drawer Chiossi e Cavazzuti Dido dryer. We had three secondhand Resolute RJet 5 printers before this. They had seen much better days and were difficult to maintain and keep running, so much so that we outsourced quite a lot of work for a while. At the start of the year we noticed a big increase in demand for DTG printing and decided it was the right time to bring everything back in- house with new equipment.

What other machines did you look at before purchasing this one?

We looked at a secondhand Kornit Breeze that was similar in price, but decided that brand new Ricoh equipment would be a better investment.

Why did you choose the Ricoh?

After seeing the printer in action, we were very impressed by the print quality. Another key advantage for us was the big 40 x 48cm print area with the extra large platen.

Is there anything you’d like in an upgrade or don’t like about it?

The print speed is a little slower than we initially thought.

Jack was very impressed by the print quality of the Ricoh Ri1000

Jack was very impressed by the print quality of the Ricoh Ri1000

What’s it like to use?

It’s pretty reliable in terms of being walk-up ready to print each day; the daily maintenance is fairly quick and easy to manage and the printer tells you on screen if something needs your attention. Any time we have had an issue Resolute has been very quick and easy to get hold of to help guide us through what needs to be done.

What size runs and type of work do you use it for?

The printers are used for one-off shirts from our print-on-demand stores to longer runs of hundreds of shirts in bulk packages. We also offer trade printing for other printers looking to outsource production.

What other machines do you have? Does your DTG machine work in combination with any of them?

We have two screen printing presses, but generally screen and DTG don’t overlap that much.

What would be your advice to other people who are thinking of buying a DTG machine?

DTG printers work best when they are run every day so only look to get a printer if the work is regularly there.