International clothing brand Tee Jays has appointed a brand ambassador to support its plans to grow in the premium business-to-business market in the UK.

As UK brand ambassador role, Jenna Bradley has begun visiting customers all over the country, introducing them to Tee Jays and educating them about the range and its corporate social responsibility credentials.

She will also attend trade shows and other sales-related activities across the UK and support the sales teams at distributors of Tee Jays.

Jenna has been working in the B2B garment sector for more than 11 years as part of the sales team for a multi-brand wholesale garment distributor. This led to her working closely with the Tee Jays brand over the last five years.

Morten Nielsen, Tee Jays’ sales manager for B2B and distributors in Europe, said that Jenna’s background has given her “the advantage and knowledge to now provide support to our UK distributors but also help build and develop key customer relationships for Tee Jays, focusing on providing advice, support and solutions for new and existing resellers”.

Tee Jays was originally founded in 1976 in Alabama in the US by Terry Wylie who sold the business in 2002. The brand was taken into Europe by its current owner, headed by Peter Høfler, and is now based in Denmark.

Focused on premium garments, the collection ranges from T-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts to performance wear, outerwear and softshell. It is distributed in the UK through BTC Activewear and PenCarrie.

Morten said: “Tee Jays want to grow the UK market and be a significant player in the premium segment of the B2B market.

“By appointing Jenna Bradley as brand ambassador for the UK, we want to increase the demand for our products that are available through our distributors in the UK.

“We believe that no one can tell the story of Tee Jays and our product DNA better than ourselves, and we are convinced that with physical representation in the region, we can make a big difference on our future business with our distributors.

“At the same time we are taking a step up on our communication and marketing activation towards interesting customers.”

Initiatives include setting up small Tee Jays shop-in-shops with sales displays and samples with its “VIP dealers” to give end-users a chance to compare its products with other brands.

Morten added: “Tee Jays is premium-quality clothing, and we feel the products should be worn, touched and tested by any costumers.”