Target Transfers has added new “print perfect” pads to make it easier to decorate near pockets, seams and zippers.

Made from a thick silicone rubber, the new pads are designed to elevate the press area away from any obstructions, providing a solid surface for even and accurate pressure.

They have a similar purpose to heat printing pillows but are thicker and firmer and work differently. Pillows allow the zippers and seams to depress into the pillow but print perfect pads raise the printing area to work around these elements.

The new print perfect pads are ideal for when you are fusing a heat-sensitive garment that requires a fuse area smaller than Target Transfers’ smallest 10cm by 10cm platen. They are also suitable when transfers are a unique shape or size or need placing in a difficult area.

The pads come in three sizes: 9cm by 40cm, 13cm by 15cm and 20cm by 25cm. They can be cut to fit inside pockets, bags and smaller items that standard-size accessories may not accommodate.