The Dual Air Fusion from Target Transfers

According to Target Transfers, the Dual Air Fusion heat press “doubles down on performance, giving you 50% more productivity than a standard swinger-style heat press”. The upper platen moves between heat printing stations, allowing operators to prepare garments on one station while the other is being pressed. With A and B workstations that operate independently or in unison, users get the additional performance of an extra heat press while also maximising time and space, explains the company.

The workstations can be individually programmed with unique time, temperature and pressure settings for different heat transfer applications. The Dual Air’s separate A and B workstations are perfect for DTG printers, with station A being used for pretreatment and station B for post-curing.
“The A/B workstations provide an efficient and dynamic range of workflows,” says the company. “Combine this type of versatility with our wide selection of quick change platens and optional laser alignment system, and it’s easy to see why the Dual Air Fusion is the ultimate solution for high and medium-volume decorators.”

The Dual Air Fusion requires an air compressor with minimum one horse power and five gallon hold tank, 120 PSI.


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