From left to right: FlexiWork Trousers, RuffWork Denim Trousers, AllRound Trousers, LiteWork Trousers and Rip Stop Trousers

The choice of workwear trousers is expanding each year as manufacturers continue to up the comfort and style factors while still ensuring the trousers remain true to their hardworking credentials. David Clark, managing director of Hultafors Group UK, which owns Snickers Workwear, talks to Images about the latest developments in this sector

What are the key trends in workwear trousers at the moment?

Nowadays it’s not just about wearing a pair of work trousers, it’s about wearing a pair of work trousers that are made with the latest fabrics, are stylish and, most importantly, are comfortable and suit the job that the wearer has to do.

Snickers has recently launched its LiteWork trousers – why the focus on lightweight workwear?

Before we developed our new Next Generation range of work trousers we carried out extensive research with end users. Based on their feedback we identified that we needed to produce different trousers for different working environments and types of use. One of the areas highlighted to us was the need to stay cool at work.

We worked with 37.5 Technology and developed a Ripstop fabric that incorporates millions of 37.5 technology particles, which capture and release moisture vapour to maintain the optimum relative humidity in your microclimate, which helps your body more efficiently maintain an ideal core temperature. The result: increased comfort when wearing the trousers so the wearer can work more efficiently.

What are the key features of workwear trousers that Snickers believes are indispensible to tradespeople?

Our ‘Twisted Leg’ and patented Kneeguard system. The ‘Twisted Leg’ is ergonomically designed to move with your body when working. This effectively means that the trousers won’t restrict any movement when bending or kneeling. Our Kneeguard system allows the user to position the kneepad in the correct position for them when kneeling so they benefit from the best protection for their knees, which also conforms to EN 14404.

Are you looking to further expand your workwear trouser range?

We have just brought in a new Core pair of trousers which has all the Snickers benefits of comfort and durability, but without all the features for maximum functionality. This has been designed for tradesmen who do not require such technically advanced features in their working clothes, but still want the Snickers fit and comfort.

Are you noticing any trends in the type of decoration being used on workwear trousers?

Traditionally most decoration used to be embroidered, but now there are many applications of sublimation being used. Our advice is to ensure that a quality print is used that will last the lifetime of the garment – through use as well as cleaning.

What shades are you expecting to be popular over the next few years?

Navy always used to be the most popular colour for our trousers in the UK, but it has shifted to black and steel grey over the past few years. Although there are also brighter colours and some prints to choose from in our range, the popular trend will always be the darker, conservative colours as they fit best with uniforms and ultimately are a more practical colour for working in.

What’s the best piece of sales and marketing advice you can give to Images readers to help them sell more Snickers Workwear trousers?

If your customers have not worn Snickers before, encourage them to try them on and consider the functionality, fit and freedom of movement. With our standard size range covering 41 different sizes and over five different leg lengths, we make trousers to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. We are confident that once the right size is worn, the end user will really notice the difference and stay with snickers for years.

David Clark