Sam Verheyde, sales project manager at Nakedshirt, discusses the current style and decoration trends in T-shirts

What are the key design trends in T-shirts at the moment?
Soft and flowy fabrics which offer both comfort and fashionable, youthful lines. Longer, leaner fits for men and flowy styles for women are definitely making the most of what soft blended fabrics can offer.

And the key colour trends?
Monochrome is a constant, but this is now complemented by soft heathers and more muted shades, following in the footsteps of retail.

What fabrics have customers been asking you for over the past year and which do you expect to increase in popularity over the coming months?
Blended fabrics, which combine softness for the wearer, fashionable fits and great decoration surfaces. Combined with the possibilities in terms of colour effect – heathers, acid wash etcetera – blends give us new opportunities.

Do you see polyester ever challenging cotton on volume?
Polyester has a role to play in blended fabrics and as the support for sublimation and for active styles. From there to challenging cotton on volume in the short/medium term is a stretch.

T-shirts are generally seen as a basic item – what do you think have been the most significant advances recently, and is there scope for further development?
The box tee has been enriched with a range of cuts, fits and fabrics, which have given the classic style a new lease of life, and moved it on into the fashion and retail arena. It’s still one of the best supports for any campaign or message, and this ensures that it is constantly evolving.

We’re getting an increasing number of press releases about T-shirts and other garments that incorporate smart technology. Is this something Nakedshirt is looking at?
At this stage this is not something we are looking to, our focus being more on providing the best supports for traditional messaging using evolving decoration technologies, such as DTG. Smart wearables are on the cusp between the gadget and a textile product, so we are keeping an eye on developments for the future.

How do you think the T-shirt market will develop over the next few years?
The growth will continue with the usual volume ‘basics tees’ (that is, our core business) but the move will go to more sophisticated styles. This will come from more fashion cuts and diversified fabrics, and will be driven by new printing technologies.

What’s the best or most unusual decoration you’ve seen on a T-shirt?
Apart from laser printing on polyester, which is now common, there is the addition of different accessories (for example, contrast pockets, studs or laser cuts) and rips, which also make the garment more ‘personal’ and fashionable.

What’s the best piece of marketing and sales advice you can give to Images readers to help them sell more Nakedshirt garments?
With the breadth of the Nakedshirt collection – whatever the fabric (regular cotton, organic cotton, bamboo viscose/ organic cotton, polycotton or a mix of cotton and Tencel); whatever the fitting (real fitted, medium or loose fits); whatever the finish (regular, short, rolled-up, batwing, raglan or cap sleeves, rounded bottom, some longer on the back than on front, all different shapes of collars); whatever your customer needs in fashion retail oriented styles – Nakedshirt should provide the solution, produced to high quality standards. The entire range is designed to respond to your customers’ needs and provide a great look.


Sam Verheyde

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