The head of marketing at Gustav Daiber, which manufactures the Myrtle Beach and James & Nicholson brands, discusses the rise of recycled polyester in the upward trending sportswear market

Tobias Seidel

What are the key design trends in sports and teamwear for 2020?

In 2020, prints in particular are a big topic. For example, plain-coloured trousers can be combined with a printed top, or vice versa. It is important that the logos, messages and advertising messages remain effective on the textiles. At the same time, functionality and design must be co-ordinated across all collections.

Which sports and teamwear fabrics do you expect to be driving demand in the coming months?

Sustainable fabrics and recyclable materials. Recycled polyester is a new feature [for our sports collection] this year – it’s a material trend that we are following in 2020. Recyclable polyester has the same properties as the non-recycled material, but in the process of material recovery energy, CO2 emissions and waste can be reduced compared with using new materials and fabrics. Our new sport T-shirts (JN519 and JN520), for example, are breathable and moisture-regulating, quick-drying, light and comfortable. Half-litre PET bottles are recycled during the production process, which gives the material a ‘second life’.

How has the increased popularity of athleisure influenced the sports and teamwear market?

Athleisurewear is now omnipresent: sportswear has become suitable for everyday use. Functional sportswear is no longer just for sports, but can also be worn in various combinations in the office or in the evening. Which brings us back to our business: sportswear that offers functionality, design and comfort is one of the fastest growing segments in the apparel industry, and of course we want to offer our customers this as well.

What do you think have been the most significant advances in sports and teamwear in recent years?

In general, what you wear in the gym or on the football field is becoming more and more important. Socks, trousers, shirt and jacket must form a unit, meaning that everything fits together in terms of colour without having to forego a modern cut and functionality. This crossover idea will definitely keep us busy for the next few years in the sports sector, but also in other areas such as workwear.

How will the sports and teamwear market develop over the coming years?

The sports sector in our industry is on an upward trend, we can see that. However, it is difficult to say how this will develop over the next few years. The fashion world is fast-moving: what was still trendy at the beginning of the year can look quite different in autumn. We in the corporate fashion world are influenced by general fashion trends, but we must still create collections that function unchanged for many years and do not look out-dated.

What’s the single best piece of marketing and/or sales advice you can give to Images readers to help them increase their sales of sports and teamwear in 2020?

We recommend focusing on current trends such as sporting events that can be used as multipliers. For example, large marathons, and also city and company runs or charity runs, are very popular for the running sector. The participants are often in different teams or departments of companies that would like to have sporty clothing especially for these events, which can be individualised and available in large quantities at short notice. At James & Nicholson, these groups will find many styles and even more colours to present themselves in the best possible way.