The days when plus sized women were restricted to reaching for shapeless men’s 3XL T-shirts are over following the launch of JHK T-Shirt’s Curves and Plus Size line, as Alicia Pando explains

Curves V-Neck

Curves Polo

Curves Slub

Curves T-Shirt Lady

Tell us about JHK’s Curves and Plus Size range.
Beauty standards are changing and feminine curves defy size. The important thing when dressing is not the size, but the attitude: wear clothes gracefully and be comfortable with it.

The Curves and Plus Line has just celebrated its first anniversary and it’s for every kind of curvy woman. The range includes T-shirts and polos for women in sizes 16-24.

Why did JHK T-Shirt decide to introduce the line?
Other brands offer garments in sizes up to 5XL, but most of them are for men, not for women. We decided to introduce this line because we saw a need in the market.

What sort of companies are looking for plus size garments?
All types of companies, from promotional agencies to independent shops. We have very different customers: some are interested in workwear, others in football. Each customer has a need and we try to cover it.

We’ve noticed more promotional companies are introducing our Curves and Plus line. Our clients like both the basic T-shirt and also the trendy T-shirt shapes: bell-shaped garments, slub tee and tank top.

What are the key trends in the women’s plus size market at the moment?
Unfinished sleeves and hems are the biggest style trend at the moment, as can be seen in our Slub top. The Curves Tank Top also has the popular bell-shape design, along with double stitching on the bottom hem and is a lightweight 120 gsm.

For those who prefer slim-fit styles, the Curves T-Shirt Lady and Curves V-Neck are a good choice with their slightly waisted design, and come in eight colours. There is also the Curves Polo, which comes in 100% pre-shrunk cotton with side slits and in six colours.

Our use of 100% cotton and basic colours means that the styles suit everyone.

Have you noticed any trends in the type of decoration being used on plus size garments?
I’m seeing more people using logos and witty lines.

What about colour trends?
White and black remain popular, although vivid colours such as lime, fuchsia or turquoise are also a top choice.

Are you planning on expanding the range?
Not for the moment, although many customers are interested in us expanding this line to include long-sleeved shirts in particular, so we’re not ruling that out.

What’s the best piece of marketing and sales advice you can give to Images readers to help them sell more of the Curves and Plus Size range from JHK T-Shirt?
You don’t have to be a size 8 to be beautiful or follow fashion. Beauty is in diversity. We offer a 100% cotton, good quality, comfortable and practical product that allows plus size women to feel feminine.


Alicia Pando