Web sales of decorated garments and accessories are booming. We zero in on three platforms that have been developed to enhance your online business operations


DecoNetwork offers a complete print and embroidery platform to manage and grow your apparel decoration business.

“With our click-and-drag web editing tools, launching and maintaining your online store has never been this easy — simply choose a pre-made template to quickly get started, or take the custom route and customise a website to your specific branding needs,” explains the company.

Customers are able to mock up designs through DecoNetwork’s Online Designer, which includes real-time pricing that automatically updates based on design choices.

Offering instant access to product catalogues from leading industry suppliers, such as BTC Activewear, TheMagicTouch and Ralawise, the software avoids hours of having to manually upload products too.

“With just a few clicks, your customers can go from choosing a product to customising to making payment on their new order.”

Customers are able to mock up designs through DecoNetwork’s Online Designer

With DecoNetwork’s business hub, users can also mock up custom quotes, receive online orders, send customers artwork approvals, create custom production workflows and more, all with real-time notifications.

“You can also leverage the ‘live purchasing’ system to automate your purchase-ordering process and eliminate unwanted costly errors”.

AJS: PulseID Personalisation Automation SaaS

The PulseID Personalisation Automation software is designed to enhance your web shop, order processing and production floor through maximising efficiency, consistency and profitability from order through to production.

The PulseID Workflow Automation solution helps track your production through intuitive networking and reporting, with a plug-in for online retailer Shopify also available.

“PulseID will take your Shopify store to the next level by offering personalised design rendering and effective production workflow,” says AJS.

“In the apparel decoration market, it’s difficult to succeed without offering some type of product personalisation, which is especially true in the rapidly growing market of online shopping.

PulseID Personalisation Automation SaaS is a subscription-based, hosted solution enabling businesses of any size to automate

“Web shops offer their customers the ability to preview their personalised products visually, which is a great way to close the sale — this has made having a great website a vital part of a successful apparel decoration business.”

PulseID is now available through a ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) model – a subscription-based, hosted solution that enables businesses of any size to automate.

“PulseID SaaS is the perfect introduction into the world of automation – don’t miss this opportunity to automate your apparel decoration business and capitalise on the ever-growing personalisation market.”

Kornit Digital: Custom Gateway

Custom Gateway is a cloud-based, on-demand workflow platform powered by Kornit Digital. The platform enables a fully-fledged end-to-end production workflow, from product sourcing, design, management and display, to a sophisticated order management system, which routes orders through production, quality control and ultimately dispatch.

“Custom Gateway is disrupting traditional methods of production, with an agile and game-changing solution for brands and retailers that’s easy to adopt,” explains Kornit. “It enables brands and retailers to realise the efficiency, scalability and profitability benefits of on-demand, eliminating costly inventory and printing single runs.

“With it, brands can offer an unrivalled and endless choice to their customers, and be reactive to trends without the hassle.”

Custom Gateway enables end-to-end production workflow