Tajima Software Solutions and Coloreel unveiled new personalisation software at a print trade show in February.

Launched at Salon C!Print in Lyon and available in the UK now, the Pulse ID software is said to be “a significant advancement for personalisation of embroidery designs”.

“Designed to cater to both in-store and online shopping experiences, the new software Pulse ID allows users to customise their embroidery. It offers the flexibility to edit text, add effects, and colours,” says Coloreel, the company behind the Coloreel instant-thread colouring unit.

Tajima Software Solutions, previously known as Pulse Microsystems, is part of the Tajima Group, which manufactures Tajima embroidery machines.

“This collaboration marks a full integration of the Coloreel technology with Pulse ID and Tajima’s embroidery machines. The result is a seamless and efficient solution, ideal for in-store embroidery services or for enhancing the offerings of online shops.”

Mattias Nordin, senior vice president of product management at Coloreel, added: “This is a major step forward in automated personalisation. Not only for us, but for the embroidery industry. It shows what kind of technological advancement you can make when you collaborate with other players in our industry.

“This software will be a huge leap forward in the way we work with personalised embroidery, both in physical stores and for ecommerce and other online marketplaces.”

The company told Images that it is “continuously working on software integrations with all major brands, as well as our own colourising software Coloreel Studio”.