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Trendwatch: Bomber Jackets

If you’re flicking through the pages of a fashion mag this season, prepare to come face-to-zip with a bomber jacket in every colour and pattern imaginable

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Tap into dancewear

Dance is growing in popularity, especially in schools, which should make printers and embroiderers pirouette with joy at the increased sales opportunities for decorated dancewear

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Flattering form

Womenswear continues to evolve at a sharp pace as brands respond to customer demand for...

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Golden fleece

From fashionable raw edged designs to rugged workwear lines, sweatshirts are a profitable sales opportunity for decorators and there is now an option to meet every customer’s budget and requirement. Read our annual sweatshirt round-up to discover this season’s key styles

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Beauty spot

There are nearly three million people employed in 40,000 businesses in the beauty and hair...

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Beechfield B915 Morf advert