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All knitted up

It’s time to layer up as the seasonal chill sets in, so we’ve round up the latest knitwear and sweats from leading brands

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Trendwatch: Retail Knits and Sweats

Need an outfit for a hound? Or seeking design inspiration for a kid’s sweatshirt? We’ve lined up the latest retail knit and sweat styles along with their imprint pairs

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A very British yarn

A rarity these dates, Charles Kirk is a successful family-run knitwear business that makes garments from scratch in the UK

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Trendwatch: Knitwear

It’s knitwear time, and there are some great styles available on the high street for autumn, with embroidery decorations continuing to be hugely popular

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Knitwear know-how

Sophisticated, soft and so very British – knitwear is a classic that is beloved by corporate...

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Showcase: Wearable Accessories 3

Towel City offers a wide range of towelling products and accessories Towel City Towels of all shapes and sizes Towel City’s collection of towels and accessories includes the Luxury Golf Towel in seven colours. It features a...

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