T Shirt & Sons has ordered its second Kornit Vulcan system this year. In June 2018, the garment printing company became the first European business to take delivery of a Vulcan.

The high-production direct-to-garment printer is said to be capable of printing 250 T-shirts an hour. T Shirt & Sons currently produces 9,000 garments a day across its facilities in Westbury, UK, and in Venlo in The Netherlands.

Co-founder Andy Lunt said: “Digital printing is a gamechanger to the garment decoration industry. The Kornit Vulcan keeps amazing us with its low cost-per-print, consistent ultra-high speed and its quality of print. We spotted the opportunity to bridge the gap between the ‘one-off’ fulfilled garment and the conventional ‘long-run’ screen printed garment. However, we needed a platform that makes financial sense to produce these medium runs digitally alongside flexibly printing one-offs at high speed during peak season. The Kornit Vulcan is the first one that delivers. We now print a run of T-shirts in less time than it would take for a screen job to be prepared, let alone for the screen print to be sampled, printed and delivered! This leading-edge solution saves us both time and money.”

Eyal Manzoor, managing director at Kornit Digital EMEA GmbH, added: “With mass customisation trending towards hyper-customisation, digital print will quickly become an undeniable game changer for textile companies worldwide. The UK is a frontrunner when it comes to making textile history, and we consider T Shirt & Sons a figurehead of how to transition from traditional to digital print in a business-savvy manner. Medium size runs on high-tech industrial equipment are the new margin makers as T Shirt & Sons have demonstrated from their first Kornit Vulcan installation.”

T Shirt & Sons already has 16 Kornit Avalanche 1000 systems, and is due to open another facility in Spain early next year.