Keel Labs has made a T-shirt made from the seaweed-based Kelsun Fibre.

The sustainable materials company, which developed the Kelsun T-Shirt in collaboration with climate activist and environmental educator Aditi Mayer, created the T-shirt “to demonstrate Kelsun’s plug-and-play potential in replacing conventional fibres used in the textile industry”.

It was made using a 70% Kelsun, 30 cotton blended yarn on industry-standard knitting machines, and also features a screen print using Living Ink’s Algae Ink of Spun K, Keel Labs’ signature brand element.

“This launch is about so much more than creating a T-Shirt – it’s our mission come-to-life, offering the industry a product that can be produced at scale,” said the co-founder and COO of Keel Labs, Aleks Gosiewski. 

“In partnership with Aditi Mayer, we’re demonstrating to the fashion industry and consumers alike that next-gen material solutions are here, and they’re able to be implemented in brands’ and their partners’ supply chains today.”

According to the company, Kelsun is able to reduce water usage by 70 times and land use by 100% when compared to cotton by utilising seaweed.

“The Kelsun T-Shirt is fashion’s latest proof point that biomaterials are ready to revolutionise the industry at large. We are excited to debut our first in-house garment created using Kelsun, with the Kelsun T-Shirt serving as the start of global product and brand launches to come,” said Tessa Callaghan, the co-founder and CEO of Keel Labs.