T Shirt and Sons has become the first business in Europe to take delivery of the Vulcan system, Kornit’s flagship direct-to-garment (DTG) printer.

Said to be the fastest printing system on the market with speeds of 250 garments an hour reported, the Vulcan was installed last month at the printer’s Westbury facility in Wiltshire. The DTG printing system promises photorealistic quality and has 60 new-generation print heads with an advanced recirculating ink system in a six-colour plus white configuration. It has been developed around Kornit’s NeoPigment patented printing process, and has an integrated pre-treatment unit.

Andy Lunt, who co-founded T Shirt and Sons with his brother Jon in 1989, says the Vulcan is everything it was promised to be. “We have printed 220 garments per hour so far and feel confident we can probably get it to print faster once we fully understand the operation of the machine.”

He continued: “The Vulcan represents a turning point in the industry. We are pleased once again to be at the cutting edge of this change. The Vulcan is the solution for digitally printing short to medium runs; printing a run of 200 T-shirts now takes less time than it takes to prep and make screens. This is the solution the industry has been waiting for.”

The new machine will allow the company, which already has 16 Kornit Avalanches at both its Westbury and Netherlands facilities that are expected to print two million one-off garments this year, to move into the traditional screen print marketplace, Andy confirmed. “A 10-colour job is printed and packed less than an hour after receiving artwork, before the emulsion would have even dried on the screens! The Vulcan will enable us to rapidly scale the business and take opportunities that were not available to us before. The Vulcan is a game-changer.”

Andy added: “We are planning to install more Vulcans in the UK this year, with a view to installing in our European facilities next year.”

The Lunt brothers are currently in the process of setting up a new facility in Spain. It will open in the first quarter of 2019 and will initially house Kornit Avalanches.


The company plans to buy more Vulcans this year

The Adelco Dual conveyor dryer handles the Vulcan’s high output