This smart workwear was embroidered by LDN Merch Factory in Tooting for London-based barbers T Cuts

T Cuts ordered a total of 10 pieces, made up of barbers capes and T-shirts, as part of a professional photoshoot they were having to market their business, explained Terry Beg, owner of LDN Merch Factory. 

“They supplied the artwork, which was then digitised by NetDigitizing — each cape took 50 minutes to embroider, and was made up of 42,000 stitches each in a total of five colours!”

LDN Merch Factory used its Happy Japan HCS3 12-needle, single-head embroidery machine supplied by Midwest Machinery to embroider the garments, using a combination of cotton and polyester embroidery threads from Madeira UK. 

The company decorated Premier Workwear’s Waterproof Salon Gown (PR116) in black, supplied by Ralawise, while the white barbers capes were bought from Amazon UK. 

LDN Merch Factory uses a Happy Japan HCS3 supplied by Midwest Machinery

“Since posting these barbers capes on Instagram,” added Terry, “I’ve had lots of messages from other barbershops, hairdressers and nail salons wanting to order their embroidered barbers capes, scrubs and aprons, which was great!”