This intricate logo was embroidered by Smarter Textiles in Gloucester onto workwear for SV Mentoring

The logo was supplied by SV Mentoring, but we tweaked the colouring for embroidery against the various coloured garments, explained Jo Lloyd, production manager at Smarter Textiles. 

Using its Tajima four-head embroidery machines, Smarter Textiles decorated a total of 44 polo shirts from Pro RTX, embroidering both the Pro Polo (RX101) and Ladies Pro Polo (RX101F).

The company also decorated 13 softshells from Result Clothing, embroidering the Classic Softshell Jacket (R121M) and Women’s Classic Softshell Jacket (R121F), plus the Men’s/Women’s Artisan Fleece Gilet (PR803/804) from Premier Workwear, Regatta Professional’s Ladies Octagon II Soft Shell Jacket (RG192) and the Ladies V-Neck Button Pocket Cardigan (H723) from Henbury.