GSES, a system for showing a product’s sustainability credentials at a glance, has been extended into the branded textiles and promotional merchandise sector.

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System has been adopted by Clipper Interall which supplies branded textile products, socks and other promotional merchandise across Europe.

According to GSES, it is the first major importer and supplier to choose the sustainability standard which shows at a glance how sustainable a product is according to various key sustainability pillars.

Well established in other sectors such as retail, GSES is a universal and global system based on more than 560 sustainability labels and standards for manufacturers, suppliers and end users.

Kelly Ruigrok, CEO and founder of GSES, said: “Clipper Interall noticed the trend that sustainably produced promotional products are more important to customers, so I am happy that we can support this.”

Ruben van ‘t Loo, director of Amsterdam-based Clipper Interall, said: “Clipper Interall is committed to provide promotional products with a minimal environmental impact. Those products are produced according to strict ethical standards and meet the highest European safety standards.

“The partnership with GSES allows us to have our collection independently assessed for sustainability against the pillars that are important to us.”

Existing partners with GSES include Dutch retail group Wibra which specialises in textiles and clothing.