M&R looks at automated product finishing and explains how to finish first by finishing fast

We recently caught up with John Murray, chief product manager for M&R, to talk about product finishing – the folding, bagging and labelling of garments – and why it can be a worthwhile addition for many businesses.

“Product finishing has taken off as screen printers, digital printers and embroiderers have discovered the benefits,” John comments. “If the decorated garments are headed for brick-and-mortar retail outlets, onsite finishing saves the end user the hassle and likely greater cost of doing it after receipt. In addition, bagging helps protect garments from dirt, dust and moisture. And finishing gives garments a polished, attractive appearance. It’s the best way to protect the work of shops committed to quality output – and to attract and retain customers.”

Finishing gives garments a polished, attractive appearance

The K-950 (shown herewith the LS-350 Long Sleeve Folder) is capable of folding more than 1,500 garments an hour

Successful companies look for ways to stand out from the competition, and a great way to do that is product finishing, John points out. “An automated finishing line makes the process extremely cost-effective. For example, combining M&R’s K-950 folder with the L-15HPA labeller and the AB-9000 automatic baggingsealing machine allows a single operator to do the work of three people – and do it far faster than if each step was done manually. And with lower labour costs, a fully automated line can deliver a fast return on investment. Even if folding is the only finishing step needed, an automatic folder can do it faster, cheaper and better than hand folding.”

John cites RIPT Apparel as a prime example of a successful company that found a unique, profitable niche made possible in part by automated finishing. “A short video of the RIPT story is at www.mrprint.com/ript, but if you just want to see the part played by their automated finishing line, fast forward to 1:35.”

A video showing a more detailed view of M&R’s automated finishing line can be found at www.mrprint.com/finish.

The AB- 9000 automatic bagging-sealing machine

M&R’s Amscomatic K-950 is designed to precisely fold a wide variety of garments and other textile items. Capable of cycle speeds in excess of 1,500 garments per hour, Amscomatic’s automatic folding machines are the most efficient and productive in the world, says M&R. (ww.mrprint.com/K950)

Automate label printing and application with M&R’s L-15HPA

M&R’s L-15HPA print and apply labeller automatically prints blank label stock with any combination of graphics, barcodes, pricing or other data, and then applies the labels virtually anywhere on the front of garments as they pass through the automatic folding machine. (www.mrprint.com/L15HPA)

M&R says its high-speed AB-9000 eliminates costly, inefficient manual bagging and sealing. In fact, when coupled with M&R’s K-950 folder, a single operator is said to be able to fold, label and bag up to 1,000 garments per hour, far faster than two operators could fold and bag using traditional methods. (www.mrprint.com/AB9000)