The latest Roq screen printing machines are now available from Midlands-based i-Sub

“Strategically based in the Midlands to service the UK market, i-Sub is proud to be partners with Roq international,” says the company.

According to i-Sub, Roq machinery can be found in more than 70 countries worldwide and the manufacturer employs more than 500 staff members at its manufacturing location in northern Portugal. Roq is a vertical company that manufactures 95% of its machinery components in-house to ensure its key priority – quality – is present in all of its machinery.

“Roq has established its place as a global supplier,” continues i-Sub. “Supporting a range of customers from new start-ups to enhancing established businesses with its range of products, i-Sub has embraced the Roq ethos of ‘customers first’ and has recently introduced a team of dedicated support engineers to ensure the products have full UK support.”

Roq machines are 100% customisable

Customers can try out the You carousel at Roq’s expanded demonstration facility

Plans are in progress at i-Sub to offer in-house training on the Roq products. Customers are invited to visit the Roq plant prior to purchasing machinery, which allows new and existing customers to discuss issues, techniques and developments with the Roq Team. Roq has recently upgraded and expanded its demonstration facility to include the You, Eco, Oval, Hybrid and Tunnel, as well as the company’s packaging lines. Existing and new clients are welcome to use the machinery to gain hands-on experience before they buy. I-Sub says it feels this is paramount to ensure that each client is fully reassured that they have made the correct choice.

Roq has recently expanded its product range, moving into the digital market with the Roq Hybrid. “The Hybrid has already been tested in several large global accounts with very positive results,” reports i-Sub. The Hybrid can be used in both carousels and oval machines – a significant benefit for customers who have space constrictions. “As the Hybrid can be used in conjunction with in-line foiling and flocking, it really does bridge the gap between low screen costs and superior digital print,” adds i-Sub.

Roq makes 95% of its machinery components in its Portuguese factory

The company advises that Roq screen printing machinery requires very little set-up time, from positioning the screens and changing the boards. “Even for the most inexperienced screen printer, this is a very simple operation,” says i-Sub. “By using Roq’s registration pallet, only minor micro registration is needed. And as Roq machines are 100% customisable, screen printers do not need to worry about their current outlay on screens, as any Roq can be fitted with either a ‘U clamp’ or ‘PIN system’.”

The company adds that “The Roq You P10 is a fantastic machine for both start-up shops and even intermediate screen printing set-ups. It offers high speed, accuracy and reliability – the key requirements of any screen printing machine.”