Amaya Sales UK’s 2018 product offering now ranges from high-end Kornit DTG printers through modular Melco embroidery machines to Oki transfer printers and Sef garment film


Amaya Sales UK expanded its product offering during the latter part of 2017 with the addition of Kornit DTG equipment. “Kornit are the leading suppliers of this type of equipment and offer a full range of machines to cater for small to large direct-to-garment production,” says the company, noting that the machines are fully industrial and can be operated 24 hours a day if required. “All Kornit models have a built-in pre-treatment system, which makes for very fast and simple production: all you need to do is load the design, print the garment and dry. The systems drastically cut down on labour cost because of the in-built pre-coating and speed of operation.”

The Kornit range stretches from the Breeze to the Storm and Avalanche ranges, both of which include a Hexa model, and the Vulcan mass production printer. The Hexa models have extra red and green colours giving CMYKRG and a 30% wider colour gamut, along with an ink circulation system.

Texjet by Polyprint

Amaya also offers three models of Texjet DTG printer – the compact Texjet Shortee; the Texjet Echo; and the Texjet More. The Texjet Shortee has a small footprint but still prints up to 32cm x 45cm, making it ideal if there are space limitations. The Texjet Echo has a maximum print size of 42cm x 60cm and the Texjet More 42cm x 95cm.

“All models can withstand high production use, have low running costs, one-pass printing and pressurised ink system, and can be left for 30 days with the power off,” Amaya advises. “Texjet direct-to-garment printers have a long established history of providing excellent value for money, superb photo quality printing and low cost per print, and require minimum maintenance.”

Chiossi Cavazzuti

The full range of DTG and screen print dryers from Chiossi Cavazzuti of Italy is also now available through Amaya. “These dryers are suitable for both low and high production and are excellent value for money,” advises the company.

These dryers are suitable for both low and high production and are excellent value for money

The new Oki Pro 8432WT A3 printer from Amaya

The Melco EMT16 Plus is the latest of Melco’s modular embroidery machines

Melco EMT16 Plus

The Melco EMT16 Plus is the latest of Melco’s modular embroidery machines. “A big advantage of the modular system is that users can add on more production as needed or split production up to suit ever-changing orders,” Amaya explains. “Also, because the operating software is PC-driven, any new advances can be fed straight in, which makes the Melco EMT16 the most up-to-date embroidery machine in terms of technology and ease of use.”

Oki Pro printers

Amaya now offers both the new Oki Pro 8432WT A3 and Oki Pro 7411WT A4 white toner printers. These printers can be used with the Forever transfer paper to print full-colour on to dark and light garments and many different substrates. “The Forever paper is very easy to use and gives high quality prints and very fine lettering. There are many different types of paper for various applications. The most popular seller is the Forever Laser Dark, which is used for full-colour printing on to dark garments.”

Forever Flex Soft

Forever’s Flex Soft makes it possible to print detailed, single-colour designs on a basic black laser printer. “All you need is a heat press and you’re ready to start printing high quality designs on to dark or any colour garments,” points out Amaya. Available in standard colours, metallics and neons, “this is the ultimate alternative to vinyl garment film,” adds the company.

Sef, Stahls and Schulze

Amaya offers a full range of Sef garment films, which it says give excellent weeding, a high-quality finish and low cost, with Stahls and Schulze heat presses complementing the other product ranges on offer.