It’s time to increase the number of products and services you supply, says TheMagicTouch

“If there were everatime to be offering more products and services to existing and new customers, it’s now,” says TheMagicTouch. “Adding value and creating new revenue from existing customers is the most cost-effective method for growth; when combined with proactive targeting using personalised product samples, then the process becomes considerably easier.”

The company recommends reviewing how you market and introduce new ideas and products to customers both now and in the future. It notes that TheMagicTouch offers affordable image transfer solutions that assist in creating “those very marketing opportunities that pay dividends”.

Digital technology If you’re considering investing in any digital technology then there are some key factors that need to be addressed, says TheMagicTouch. Potential buyers need to understand the full range of printable products possible from their investment, the actual running costs, warranty cost beyond the first year, and – more importantly, advises the company – you must feel confident in being able to generate and maintain sufficient print volumes to see a good profit and return on the investment.

TheMagicTouch offers three clear, affordable solutions: TheMagicTouch (toner-based transfers), DyeSub Magic (sublimation), and the MagiCut range (flex, flock, printable PU, glitters, etc). All of these, when combined, offer the user the ability to decorate onto almost any garment or product regardless of colour or fabric composition, explains the company. 

“Adding value and creating new revenue from existing customers is the most cost-effective method for growth,” says TheMagicTouch

“This applies for workwear, sportswear, promotional and fashion markets, and together with its vast range of non-textile promotional and B2B products makes TheMagicTouch a real source of sales and marketing ammunition.”

Perfecting print solutions “TheMagicTouch continues to work closely with the major apparel brands in perfecting print solutions for new garments and accessories, with a multitude of different fabric compositions including cotton, polyester, softshell, denim, nylon, canvas and even leather,” it reports.

Jim Nicol, UK managing director, comments: “Garment decorators must consider offering more products and services to their existing clients, which is easy to say, but harder to implement. However, we have proven marketing methods perfected over many years that work, and are affordable and effective in generating sales and enhancing the customer experience.”

Innovation for 2021 includes an improved version of the award-winning WoW 7.8 transfer paper, which TheMagicTouch says is “regarded as the best, affordable option for full-colour transfers for the decoration of many different types of garments and fabrics. In particular, the WoW 7.8 has proved a highly successful solution for decorating windbreakers, softshell and various performance jackets and fabrics with stunning and durable results.”

The company has also introduced a new range of Soft-Metallic flex. Developed to offer the “softest ever” feel of any metallic flex equivalent, it promises “outstanding durability”. It’s available in nine colours on rolls of 500m width and is suitable for all plotters and cutters.

TheMagicTouch has expanded its heat press range: the new HTP123Pro Heat Press is an “affordable and reliable press” with four interchangeable platens that the company says are perfect for applying transfers onto items such as bags, sleeves, face masks and thicker substrates up to 3cm.

2021 also sees the introduction of another unique application, which the company expects to grab the attention of those currently decorating white sublimation mugs. The process – using CPM toner-based transfer paper, a white-toner printer, a traditional mug press and a silicon wrap – enables any colour mug, glossy or matt, to be decorated in full-colour. “The market for short-run (non-white) mugs continues to grow beyond all expectations,” notes TheMagicTouch.

Other new product arrivals in 2021 include new toner-based printers together with a host of printable products, including personalised air fresheners, glass and window stickers, and a new all-in-one printable PU for use with all solvent, eco-solvent and latex printers.

Online support TheMagicTouch has also increased its demonstration and customer support capabilities, using Zoom/Teams/Google to enable online live demonstrations, technical support seminars and marketing tutorials.