New T-shirts developed with environmental sustainability and low carbon impact firmly in mind

The Écologie by AWDis brand has a vision – to build a better future for our planet, without comprising on quality and style.

Cascades Organic Kids Tee (EA001J) For 2021, the brand has launched the new Cascades Organic Kids Tee to match the popular adults’ EA001.

“With a luxuriously soft hand-feel, this 100% organic cotton T is not only stylish, but is also kind to the environment,” reports Écologie, adding that the new kids’ edition T looks great on its own, or makes an excellent base for prints and embroidery. The EA001J is available in six key colours and from sizes 2XS-XL.

Environmental sustainability and low carbon impact are at the forefront of Écologie’s innovation when developing fashion-forward yet affordable ranges; therefore, the brand will be providing eco-conscious customers with information on its four sustainable fabrics throughout the year – namely, organic cotton, regenerated cotton, recycled polyester and eco viscose.

“All Écologie 100% organic cotton garments have a super-soft hand-feel, ensuring quality garments that have minimal impact on the environment,” states the brand. The newest EA001J kids’ T-shirt joins the organic cotton family alongside the range’s favourites, including the Cascades Organic Tee (EA001, also available in the EA001F women’s fit), the Corcovado Organic Hoody (EA041) and the Etosha Organic Polo (EA011). The organic cotton process significantly reduces water waste, ensures workers aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals, and combats climate change, points out Écologie.

Reducing landfill Working closely with its supply chain, Écologie now saves approximately 19 plastic bottles and 0.56kg of cotton waste from entering landfill per garment produced by using regenerated cotton fabric, which is made by blending waste cotton clips with recycled polyester derived from waste plastic bottles. Used mainly in its sweatshirts, zoodies and hoodies, Écologie says this process compared to traditional methods also saves 20,000 litres of water, 2.7kg of dyes and chemicals, and 11kg of C02 emissions.

Écologie sports T-shirts are made from 100% recycled polyester, “meaning keeping fit has never been so sustainable,” says the brand. The popular Ambaro Recycled Sports Tee (EA004/4F) is derived from plastic bottles that are crushed, cleaned and re-polymerised to polyester chips. These chips are then melted and extruded and spun to yarn for knitting. This process uses 53% less energy compared to virgin polyester, reports Écologie, and “hugely reduces” landfill, soil contamination, plus both air and water pollution.

Lenzing EcoVero viscose fibres Écologie highlights that it has set “a new industry-wide benchmark by becoming the first brand in the blanks-for-embellishment market to introduce Lenzing EcoVero viscose fibres”. This 100% eco-friendly viscose is said to generate up to 50% lower emissions and hasalower water impact than generic viscose. “The innovative eco viscose fabric has been introduced to the Écologie range with the exceptionally soft Daintree EcoViscose T (EA002/2F) in a male and female fit, providing a great eco-alternative with style,” notes the brand.

Alongside its exciting 2021 range of products and focuses, Écologie will continue to progress its tree-planting programme in partnership with Carbon Footprint in the name of low-impact carbon neutrality. The brand also promises never to airfreight or use plastic packaging on any of your Écologie styles.

In addition, Écologie is also now officially recognised as 100% free of any animal ingredients. The ‘Peta-Approved Vegan’ logo was established to label products that no animal had to suffer for, and highlights fashion companies’ commitment to animals.

“Écologie believes good quality clothing shouldn’t cost the world,” adds the brand.

The Daintree EcoViscose T

The Ambaro Recycled Sports Tee is made from 100% recycled polyester