How to be sustainable and competitive

The Cotton Group’s sustainability work is integrated into its culture and values, reports the company.

“We believe a long-term approach is a must when it comes to dealing with complex sustainability issues, and we work to ensure that sustainability is integrated into all aspects of everything we do. Our entire business must be conducted in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. A responsible approach is adopted at every stage of the process from design and sourcing, to manufacturing, quality control, logistics and sales.”

The company highlights the #, Organic and Royal sweatshirts lines from its brand B&C Collection, which feature “up-to-date designs, retail-inspired colours, quality details and exceptional decoration results, at unbelievably competitive prices”.

B&C #Sweatshirts For anyone requiring sweatshirts for large volume orders for promotions, merchandising and events, the B&C # sweatshirts are the perfect answer for you, according to the brand. The four all-purpose sweatshirt styles, in 80% ringspun cotton/20% polyester fabric, are easy to decorate and easy to wear. Available in 35 identical colours for men and women for a perfect ‘duo’ option, the sweatshirts are “colour addicts approved”.

The 80/20 cotton-rich blend fabric is durable and gives a soft hand-feel. Its unbrushed finish combined with a soft outside offers a “perfect look and enhanced comfort”, while “its smooth and even surface gives great printing results!” says B&C.

Thanks to the B&C No Label solution, decorators are able to complete the full customisation of their B&C garment. “This easy branding solution means the unique and fully personalised line you are dreaming of is already waiting for you,” promises the brand.

To enable garment decorators to follow all EU regulations, the composition label, which complies with all the mandatory information and EU language rules, is located on the sweatshirt’s left side seam.

B&C Organic Sweatshirts “in perfect duo”

B&C Organic Sweatshirts “in perfect duo”

B&C Organic Sweatshirts “Hi, I’m organic! I’m the conscious sweatshirt, I’m trendy, I’m available in 20 fascinating colours, I’m super soft and exceptionally printable. I’m ‘sustainability addicts approved’,” is B&C’s introduction to its organic sweatshirts range.

Made of 80% ringspun combed organic cotton/20% recycled polyester, the B&C Organic Sweatshirt Line is durable and promises an ultra-soft hand-feel. The outer surface is 100% organic cotton and the inside is brushed for “perfect warmth and a cosy feeling”.

The company’s goal of creating a more sustainable garment industry prompted it to use organic OCS-certified cotton and RCS-certified polyester for these sweatshirt styles. The B&C Organic Sweatshirts are also Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified and Peta-approved, as is the whole B&C collection.

Available in crew neck, hooded and zipped hood versions, the B&C Organic sweatshirts are available for men and women, “in perfect duo”.

Like the B&C #sweatshirts, the Organic Lines have no brand label in the collar and, to make it easier for rebranding, feature a size chip only. To optimise efficiency when sorting through B&C garments, the brand has differentiated between men/unisex and women styles by using a black size chip for men/unisex styles, and white for women’s styles.

B&C Royal Sweatshirts ”Elegant, luxurious and comfortable, the B&C Royal Line is all you need if you’re looking for exceptional softness, modern style and supreme printability,” advises the brand.

King for men and Queen for women, the Royal Sweatshirts are available as crew neck, hooded and zipped hood styles. They come in 20 “awesome colours” and are all designed in duo for perfect matching.

The B&C Royal Line includes the B&C PST (perfect sweat technology), in 80% ringspun combed cotton/20% polyester. The peached-feel, 100% cotton-faced fabric promises the “ultimate printing surface” and is brushed inside for “a perfectly warm and cosy feel”.

“Thanks to the B&C PST and its polyester filaments, these sweatshirts are truly durable and ultra-comfortable,” concludes the brand. “They’re premium sweatshirts at their best.”