Get creative with the latest EmbroideryStudio e4.5 update

“2020 is going to be an exciting time for Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio e4 users as we continue to innovate our flagship embroidery and multi-decoration solution,” says the software developer. “An update is planned for the start of the year, and with it comes three brand new add-on Elements with new creative stitch types — they will blow you away.”

Reef PhotoStitch EmbroideryStudio e4.5 introduces the Reef PhotoStitch, a modern take on Photo Flash, where an incredibly complex image is simplified to just a single run stitch, explains Wilcom. “However, what sets this apart is that the single run never crosses itself or repeats along the same line. The reef-like stitch pattern concentrates in darker areas of the image. It’s extremely fast and efficient, and creates a unique artistic style. “The finished design also has only a single trim, which means it’s clean, and the design is flexible and soft to the touch. This style lends itself perfectly to capturing gorgeous photos of people and pets.”

The new Maze Fill stitch type in Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4.5

Maze Fill The second new stitch type is the Maze Fill, which is a style that has been used for decades within the fashion embroidery world. Specialist trained digitisers are employed purely to create these intricate designs and are typically paid three times the salary of a regular digitiser, says Wilcom. “The Maze stitch style fills shapes with perfect, evenly spaced lines that never overlap in just a few clicks, saving many hours of digitising work — now, this technique can be achieved by all digitising teams. The style is typically used to create flowers, paisley prints or any outlined shapes. It creates beautiful designs with much fewer stitches.”

Beading The new specialty Element Beading will also be introduced into the collection. It includes four basic fixing methods to create designs with an upright, flat, or rollover pattern.

Hand Stitch Effect Also available as an inclusion within the software is the new Hand Stitch Effect feature that creates a randomised organic hand-feel effect, with random spacing and random thickness. It can be applied to any stitch type, explains Wilcom. “This feature alone will create fashion-forward designs and could revitalise your digitising.”

Advanced Sequin Element An enhancement to the Advanced Sequin Element is also now available, says the software developer, to include the long-awaited Multi-Sequin feature. “Customers have been asking for this all around the world, and it’s finally arriving in the next update. It was definitely worth the wait.

“Remember, EmbroideryStudio e4.5 is free to all e4 users,” says Wilcom. “Visit our stand at Printwear & Promotion Live! 2020, and experience everything first-hand. There will be more surprises. You really have to see it to believe it.”