2020 heralds the dawn of a new era in DTG printing

“It’s been a ‘Snuggletastic’ 2019, and 2020 promises to be a year full of new ideas, development, growth, adventures, relationships and, of course, more printing,” says Snuggle. “The garment industry must be flexible and adaptive to consumer needs as everyone knows these can change on a whim. This month’s fashion collection can be old news within days,” explains the digital contract-printing specialist.

“With an unprecedented demand for online shopping and personalisation driving the demand for unique, individually tailored garments it’s never been more important to be able to diversify at the click of a button. Direct- to-garment printing with Snuggle gives you that flexibility.”

Today’s DTG prints look more vivid and vibrant than ever

The Schulze Mug 15 Turbo Automatic Heat Press

DTG printing The company has now added the Kornit Atlas to its print production set-up, increasing capacity to just shy of 7,000 garments a day. “With such a large capacity, you can be confident the Snuggle team can help with your urgent requests and with blistering fast turnaround times. Harnessing the power of the new Kornit Atlas, in conjunction with our Kornit Avalanches and combined with the skilled, capable print team at Snuggle, this equates to incredible looking garments printed to the very best standards, and with enthusiasm and dedication to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.”

Snuggle says it’s never been a better time to embrace DTG printing, as HD quality prints are being produced at lightning fast speeds, with CMYKRG + White HD ink technology ensuring that prints look ever more vivid, vivacious and vibrant.

UV printing The company explains how significant developments to its UV printing work, paired with “superb quality from the outstanding Mimaki printer range”, have enhanced the range of products it can offer. Using four Mimaki MK11 UJF-6042 models and the JFX-200 model, Snuggle says it has been able to print onto a wide array of substrates, offering its customers more choice and flexibility than ever before.

Mug printing Unprecedented levels of demand for mugs also meant the introduction of the Schulze Mug 15 Turbo Automatic Heat Press to the Snuggle line up, enabling the production of “circa 250 mugs per hour”. Printed using Epson sublimation inks and paired with “the awesome automation power of the Schulze mug press”, the company says it can meet both your needs and your customers’ demands.

“The Snuggle team are strong believers in service and treating every customer, every order, every garment, every print, as though it was printed for our own. We’re dedicated and passionate about what we print, each print handled with pride, love and care,” says Snuggle.

“The demand for our services has increased each day and we invest a lot in training, equipment and in our talented teams who work together to aim for the ultimate printing quality and to ensure your satisfaction.

“The future looks promising,” concludes the company, “and with more Atlas purchases on the horizon, make Snuggle your home for DTG today.”