Showcasing three Mimaki print solutions to help grow your business in 2020

Mimaki’s product range offers technology that can deliver the perfect combination of value and performance for your business, says Hybrid Services, the company’s exclusive UK and Ireland distributor. “The following are three highlights that offer varying opportunities for businesses to either expand, diversify or add capacity to garment decorating and apparel printing workflows.”

Mimaki TS30 The 1.3m wide Mimaki TS30 dye sublimation printer delivers a powerful solution for businesses seeking to easily and cost-effectively output their design onto fabric in-house, explains Brett Newman, chief operations manager at Hybrid Services. “With the addition of a heat press, the Mimaki TS30 empowers anyone to create large scale prints onto fabric using the dye sublimation process. Easy to use, fast and with an incredible price point, [the TS30 is currently on offer at £5,995], it brings fabric sample printing in-house. It’s equally capable of creating finished product, so opens up great opportunities for producing sportswear, custom polyester apparel or furnishings.”

Mimaki CJV150 Series With print speeds of up to 56sqm/hr, Mimaki’s CJV150 Series integrated printer/cutters are anything but ‘entry level’, yet with a starting price of £6,995 they offer the perfect entry point for print-and-cut services, Hybrid advises. “The CJV150 range brings state-of-the-art productivity and ease of use to any business. Whether it’s printing and cutting garment marking film with solvent ink, or printing onto promotional graphics or decals before cutting them out in a single process, the CJV150 combines low cost of ownership with spectacular output quality.”

The 80cm wide CJV150-75 integrated printer/cutter

Mimaki’s UJF-3042FX small-format flatbed UV printer

Mimaki UJF-3042FX “With a choice of multiple inks that enable it to print onto almost any material, Mimaki’s UJF- 3042FX small format flatbed UV printer continues to deliver impressive business potential for promotional product printing companies,” Hybrid advises.

“Whether you’re producing short runs of personalised pens, highly decorated stationery such as notebooks and diaries or high value (and high profit) acrylic photo blocks, the UJF takes it all in its stride,” adds Brett. “With a price of £10,995, it’s a great tool for start-ups to find their niche, supplying a wide variety of products to individuals and businesses looking for bespoke prints.”

He continues: “The key to a lot of this capability comes down to choosing the ink most appropriate to business needs. Flexible inks are stretchable to allow for the expansion and contraction of movement. They still provide scuresistance and durability, but are astonishingly malleable on bendy surfaces like flexible phone cases. Alternatively, Mimaki’s hard UV inks are tough and ultra-durable. They have great adhesion and are suited to rigid applications such as printing on acrylic, wood, glass and metal.”

With machines to suit all budgets and printing needs, Hybrid points out that these three highlighted solutions provide only a snapshot of the overall Mimaki product range. “The importance of choosing a product that helps your business grow is paramount.

“Investing in a Mimaki can be the ideal springboard for companies looking at moving up a gear. All Mimaki printers are supplied with easy to use software that simplifies the design-to-print workflow and with a demonstration available with one of Hybrid’s reseller partners around the country, it’s never been easier to select the perfect Mimaki for your business,” concludes Brett.